Truth time: One of my least favorite things to do as a child was to write thank you notes (I know, big shocker. Was there ever a child who liked this?). But, like many kids, it was the first to-do after every birthday, Christmas, or any other event where I was gifted something. I even to had a format for my thank you notes!

It went something like this:

A hello message.
A thank you for the gift (where I was told I MUST mention the specific gift).
An explanation of how I might use it or why I liked it.
Then a farewell message.

I had it down to a boring, typical science.

But, everything changed when I was given my first set of personalized stationery. It wasn’t anything fancy, just your standard first name set, but all of a sudden I felt I could put more of a ‘mark’ on the messages I was sending… and that changed everything!

Writing thank you notes suddenly became fun. I got to express myself through my letter, without using more words (win-win!).

And, when it comes to self-expression, Paper Source has fantastic stationery, notepads, and personalized options right now — perfect for letter writers and letter writing occasions.

Here are some of my favorites right now…

Thank You Cards: We’re really into Chalkboard Lettering, and I think the lettering on this thank you card is classic, but the chalkboard technique gives it a little edge. The Neon Pink Letterpress thank yous are a perfect example of being feminine without too over-the-top. And the Pinstripe Thank You Notes make a great everyday addition, and are classic and clean, with pops of color.

These make great gifts for kids and teens! Clockwise from top left: Many Thanks Thank You Notes, Guitar A6 Stationery, and Color Confetti A6 Stationery.

These could be great for kids and teens, but are still good for adults, too! They all have a sense of whimsy, without being too childish, which is usually a must for a discerning child.

Everyday Stationery: This Ostrich Hello set makes me laugh every time I see it. This Feathers set is vibrant and bold, I love all of the colors it has while still being modern. And these Two Elephants seem so sweet–how could you not want to send this to a friend?

Personalized Stationery: I’m so in love with this black and white Chevron Stationery! Such a bold and modern statement, and you can customize the colors if black isn’t your thing! I use washi tape for everything (wrapping gifts, appointments in my planner, labels, etc.) so it makes sense I would love this set of Washi Tape Mixed Notepads. They come in three sizes (only one shown here) per set, and are super cute! And lastly, I love this Stitch Stationery, perfect for a subtle sewing cue in your stationery.

– Jenn

Favorite PS Colors: Slate & Aubergine
Favorite PS Product: Orange & Black Treat Bags (I’m getting excited for Halloween!)