The end of year festivities, though fun, can be extremely exhausting. While holiday celebrations with family during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas make those times so special, now that it’s over, it’s time to prepare for the New Year ahead. We’ve curated a list of ways to unwind and detox from 2016, so we can start on a positive note in the New Year of 2017! 

1. Bring Happiness!

Happiness, journal

The key to positive growth and success is happiness. Bringing happiness into our own life through self reflection is the best way to grow internally, as it helps us perceive things differently while also being able to appreciate the good and the bad. But before helping others, we should focus on our own happiness and growth first (like when you’re on a plane, and they tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others). Here are three products that can help you appreciate and reflect on the good things in life.

52 Lists for Happiness Journal:
This journal is a tool created for list lovers to help discover the keys to their own unique happiness, which will bring more joy and balance into their lives. This journal helps readers acknowledge, reflect and invest in themselves by giving themselves time to look back and embrace moments in their lives. Get your own here.

Compliment Postcards:
Sometimes doing a sweet gesture for others does more for ourselves than we know. Treating others with love and making them feel special reminds us how much they truly mean to us. Send a Compliment Postcard to a special friend or a family member to remind them that they are loved and bring them some unexpected happiness.

The Happiness Planner:
The Happiness Planner isn’t your average planner. It’s a planner that helps you focus on your happiness. Through it’s prompts and guidance, it aims to help create a more positive and happy you!

2. Create Focus!

focus, resolutions, goals

Creating focus is all about knowing your goals and the small steps needed to accomplish them. There is nothing more rewarding than looking back and remembering achievements that we wanted to accomplish over a set period of time. Giving yourself the time to discover what your goals are and looking back next year to see which of them you fulfilled, will be extremely rewarding. Here are a few tools we think would be useful in creating focus and setting goals, whether they are daily short-term goals or long term wishes and dreams.

My Bucket List Journal:
Get inspired by writing in the My Bucket List Journal. Writing all your dreams and desires in one place is a great way to begin the new year. Whether they are long or short term goals, jotting everything down and setting a timeline for those dreams will motivate you and give you a sense of purpose on those days you feel at your lowest. This journal is also full of motivational quotes, pictures and inspiration features from successful people that will help give you that extra nudge you need to succeed.

Jot down notes, ideas and thoughts on the go or while sitting at your desk – you never know when inspiration will strike, so we find it handy to always be prepared! Here is one of our favorite new notepad.

Productivity Planner:
Time flies and life is short, so plan wherever you can using the Productivity Planner. By focusing on the important tasks at hand and giving yourself sufficient time to complete them, you are able to make goals that are attainable while avoiding procrastination.

3. Celebrate Beauty!

beauty, eating right, healthy life

Ever heard the saying, “When you look good, you feel good?” Well, we totally agree with that. Beauty always starts from within, so eating well, staying hydrated and practicing self-love is a must!

Eat Pretty: 
We love these 3 books that will help you eat well and live well. Most of the time, we set a resolution to lose weight, but it’s so hard to follow through with that – we let our job, our friends and our SO become excuses for following through. These books will help you stay motivated while also keep you in check with what you’re eating.

Korean Beauty Products:
We at PS adore the Korean beauty trends (our skin has never felt softer)! After a long and tiring day, give yourself some time to unwind by using the Korean Cooling Eye Pads or use the Oh K! Cleansing Pad Duo pack to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Even if you’re not actually at the spa, finding time to pamper yourself is key to finding self-wellness.

4. Find Serenity!

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After all is said and done, our main goal is to be filled with peace and serenity. While we may not feel it in each passing moment at times, we can definitely tweak things to set the mood. Serenity can be found through meditation, slow breathing and yoga. But if that’s a lot for you and your busy schedule, something as simple as lighting a candle or cuddling up in front of your fireplace with powerful self-help book can surface the same feelings.

Self-Help Books:
Picking up a book that encourages change through embodying a new mindset, though challenging, is incredibly rewarding. Our two favorite books that help with that are “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and “What I Know For Sure.”

Creating a Peaceful Space:
Creating a space that feels serene, safe and peaceful can help a lot with centering yourself after a long and stressful day. After adulting from 9-5, having a space to come home to and unwind is key. Create your own peaceful oasis with candles like the Kashmir Candle and the accent vases like the the Black White Ceramic Vases that come in a small and large size.

We hope you are as motivated and excited for the New Year as we are. Tell us how you’re preparing for the new year, what your goals are and what you want to do differently. Use #PaperSource or tag us in your posts. We look forward to bringing happiness, getting focused, celebrating beauty and finding serenity with you in 2017!

— Maham Khan
Digital Marketing Intern