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As paper lovers, many of us have been inspired by the latest additions to our fine paper assortment. There are now 250+ styles, and each has their own unique style.

How do you choose one?

Laura, Fine Paper Buyer for Paper Source, asks herself this question on a daily basis. She swims in an office filled with beautiful colors and incredible patterns, searching for the perfect compliments to our solid paper and envelopes and inspiration that helps you Do Something Creative Every Day.

To help us decide, we asked Laura to tell us about her latest faves. Not only did she point out two amazing styles, but she also provided a great background on the art of handmade paper.

Block Prints on Lokta Paper – Handmade in Nepal

wood block print

For the two-tone papers, two wooden blocks are used per paper. For each color, an artist dips a wooden block into each color and applies the color to the paper.

Paper Making

With each print on paper, the artist re-dips and ensures the pattern is aligned correctly. The process is repeated until the paper is filled with the print. The paper is left in the sun to dry.

Fine Paper

This is the same process as batik paper making. Instead of dipping a block in color, the artist dips a block in liquid wax and then prints on the paper. Once the paper is dry, the artist paints the paper with color and irons the paper to remove the wax.

Laura recommends:
Batik mums fine papers (also featured in images) and the new, two-tone block print fine papers.

Metallic Brush Strokes on Lokta Paper – Handmade in Nepal

fine paper

Applying the fine brush strokes to the paper is a delicate process. The artist cuts the bristles of a paint brush irregularly. The artist holds the brush in a free flowing way and applies the metallic color with a light touch. The process is repeated until the paper is filled with the stroke pattern.

Laura recommends:
The new neutrals, but admits the Brush Stroke Purple Fine Paper is a her current fave

–Laura, PS Buying Team
PS colors: curry & gravel
Latest fave: custom stamps


9 Responses

  1. Thuy-Ai says:

    Oh, wow! I LOVE this! I want to do the same!

  2. Gabe says:

    I have bought several of your fine papers in the past, but am struggling to figure out how to use them. They are beautiful!

  3. HB says:

    This is so fascinating. I love paper

  4. Sally says:

    I have always loved your fine papers and have used them to make all kinds of books and stationery–even wall hangings.. Thanks for showing us how they are made–so fascinating!

  5. Luz Cruz says:

    Wao thats a beautiful technic I’ll would like to learn more about

  6. Sandra says:

    Fabric! I’m fairly new to all the paper crafts and hope to learn how to apply each technique to fabric.

  7. Francisca Francis says:

    Can I do the same on fabric?

    • Kety says:

      I have used wooden blocks on silk with dyes and thickener but how does one use wooden blocks with hot wax for batik. Doesn’t the wax dry up immediately on the wooden block as soon as it is dipped and ready to be stamped on the silk or cotton fabric. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.