Easter is hopping down the bunny trail – and quicker than we all expected. If you are scrambling to find goodies and gifts in time for Easter, fear not! We’ve come up with a list of treats and toys to fill some baskets for the entire family. From kids to crafters, we’ve got you covered.


For the Sweet Tooth


1. Easter Gummy Kebab

gummy kebab


Fun and fruity candy to nibble on.


2. Fluffy Bunny Gummies

bunny gummies

Could this bunny be any sweeter?


3. Easter Junior Mints

junior mints

Pastel colored just for the holiday.


4. Chocolate Magic Milk Straws

milk straws

Udderly delicious.


5. Bunny Pooper

bunny pooper

Looks like the Easter Bunny left a couple extra treats.


For Kids


1. Carrot Bubbles

carrot bubbles

This gift will blow them away.


2. Melting Bunny

melting bunny

These will melt your heart.


3. Light Up Chicks


For the coolest chick in town.


4. Magic Sand Kit


For the beach bunny.


5. Hatching Dinosaur Egg

dino egg

How egg-citing!


For Fashionistas


1. Bunny Cross Body Purse

bunny purse

For the recipient with a lot of baggage.


2. Bunny Lip Balm

lip balm

Give them something to smile about.


3. Bunny Hair Clips

hair clip

Great for a bad hare day.


4. Easter Fingernail Friends

fingernail friends

Nailed it!


5. Bunny Socks Gift Set


For all your favorite peeps.


For Babies


1. Bashful Grey Bunny Soother

bunny soother

For your bouncing bundle of joy.


2. The Magic Bunny Book


Get a jump on your bedtime stories.


3. Stachifier Mustache Pacifier


A classy pacifier for Easter Sunday.

4.Woodland Babe Bunny


A cozy new friend.


5. Bunny Magnet Frame

bunny frame

For a picture of somebunny special.


For Four-Legged Friends


1. Bunny Popper

Bunny Popper

Purr-fect for your playful feline.

2. Bunny Treat Jar

Bunny Treat Jar

To keep their paws off the treats.


3. Pet Tag

Pet Tag

They’ll look fetching.


4. Best Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl

Bone Appetit!

5. Dog Lover Mug / Crazy Cat Lady Mug

dog mug
cat mug

Add a treat for yourself to your pet’s Easter basket.


For Crafters


1. Hoppy Easter Bunny Stamp

bunny stamp

Put your stamp on things.

2. Paper Mache Eggs

paper mache eggs

For vegan-friendly egg decorating.


3. Little Bunnies Washi Tape

washi tape

Perfect for Easter crafting.


4. Hoppy Easter Sticker Pack

easter stickers

Fall down the rabbit hole decorating Easter cards.


5. Bunny Pen

bunny pen

A fun Easter pen is just a hop skip and a jump away.


We hope we inspired some creative basket-building ideas! To check out our full Easter collection, click here.