For this blog entry I wanted to focus on some of my favorite new kids gifts! One item that I like simply for its cute design and Japanese aesthetic is the Momiji doll. The new ones for fall are Snuggle (with the mushroom hat) and Happy Birthday (with the adorable pigtails and a cake for you!). These sweet little dolls are collectible and have a hole in the bottom where a child can store secrets or place special notes for friends. It’s a whole new way to pass notes in class.

Gifts for kids_momiji dolls

Gifts for kids_sound machines

A favorite around here are the sound machines. We have a lot of fun in the office with these, playing the bomb dropping sound when someone bombs a joke or the “re re re” knife stabbing sound when we’re dealing with a difficult situation such as… well, a completely new computer system. The sound machines come in three styles: classic, cartoon and horror, just in time for Halloween. You could have a lot of fun scaring trick-or-treaters, hiding in the porch shadows with the Spooky Sound Machine.

Giant helium balloonsAnother personal favorite is the Monster Balloon. This thing gets huge! It can be inflated to over 3 feet in diameter and is seriously mesmerizing for kids and adults alike. It’s made in the US from completely biodegradable latex, and is a great lung workout for whoever gets the treat of blowing it up! What fun they would be inflated with helium in clusters for a party like this pic!

Now that the new school year has started kids will need some things to keep them entertained, besides just Silly Bandz and Japanese erasers – hopefully some of these great kids gifts will do the trick.

–Lindsay, PS Buying Team
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3 Responses

  1. Yuniya says:

    I’m originally from Kyoto, and I remember as a kid playing with these kinds of dolls ( I think we called them hakata), except they were made out if clay. These ones look so cuteeee!!!

  2. Tom says:

    More great ideas from Lindsay!
    I already have one of the sound machines and am going to buy a new one. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. beverly says:

    Great ideas, Lindsay. Your description makes me want each and every one! I want the Momiji doll to pass notes in school!