It’s safe to say that we get as excited about new products as much as our customers do– especially around the holidays! In this special holiday series, we talked to some of our noted taste-makers to find out about their favorite holiday gifts and crafts. From seasonal crafts to holiday gifts, check back weekly as we reveal A Few of our Favorite Things. Maybe some of these ideas will make their way into your holiday celebration, too!

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As a busy bride-to-be, Kristen has a new-found appreciation for the gift of wine. Between pre-wedding events and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this gifted gift giver has transformed her vision of the perfect gift — finding new and unique ways to style wine bottles for the holiday hostess or as a gesture of thanks.

hostess gift

Kristen recently decorated wine bottles as gifts for friends who had planned her bachelorette weekend, which included wine tasting. Using burlap wine bag, decorative ribbon and solid paper, she created a lovely personalized gift for the many people she wanted to thank. Her favorite part…the oversized layered tags — the top tag printed with each friend’s name; the bottom tag with a thank you message.

wine gifts

The warm reception of these wine gifts, got Kristen thinking about the many ways you can style wine gifts for the holidays or any occasion. To let us in on her favorite things, Kristen started our Favorite Things Pinterest Board.

Read on, as our series continues with: A Few of Sally’s Favorite Things.


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  1. erin says:

    As a girl who loves to make wine tags these are all fun and original.

  2. Alan says:

    This is a great holiday gift idea.

  3. dai says:

    great stuff, it’s gonna be really useful