Our annual MyPSCalendar sweepstakes is underway and this year, we’re asking you to show us your deskie. Share your workspace with us by August 31st, and you could win a $500 gift card to Paper Source! With the help of Audrey of Love Always, Audrey we’ve curated 3 fun desks to inspire you to enhance your deskie. Here’s Audrey:

I love office supplies. This is something my friends and family know about me, although they may not understand it. Back-to-school has always been my favorite time of year, even when I’m not actually going back to class.

I recently started a new full-time job, and loved picking out accessories from Paper Source for my desk! If you know someone who’s starting a new job or is going back to school, their selection is killer. I put together a little guide to help you pick out the best gifts for the stylish lady in your life:

For the Girl Who Can’t Get Enough Florals

I must have flowers, always and always.


For the colorful lady who echoes the painter’s sentiments, Paper Source has it all. From the always-popular Rifle Paper Co. (a personal favorite of mine) to the up-and-coming Ban.do, there’s definitely something for the floral lover.

desk with coffee and a to-do list

Is this not the prettiest to-do list you ever did see? Rifle Paper Co. never disappoints.

desk with a pencil case and a cup of coffee

bouquet of flowers and a floral planner on a desk

Planning just got prettier thanks to our girl gang at Ban.do!

floral whiteboard on a desk

Frame a piece of floral wrapping paper for a pretty “whiteboard!” And yes, that mug thinks what you think it says. I’m sassy in the mornings, okay? 😉

cup of coffee, planner, and to-do list on a desk

Coffee. Copious amounts of coffee.

floral planner with a vase of flowers

I’m OBSESSED with this Ban.do agenda. And look at the cute stickers!!

open planner with stickers

opened planner on a desk with a pencil case

candle on stacked books

This candle smells like rosé… helloooooo new friend.

For the Golden Girl

desk with office supplies and a picture frame on it

I sincerely hope that the gold trend never goes out of style. It’s such a classic that age-old brands such as Kate Spade have adopted it as their signature color–one that I just can’t get enough of. This selection of golden accessories is bright enough to make any lady feel like a golden girl!

picture frame on a desk with a coffee mug

Everyone needs photos of their besties to remind them that life isn’t ALL about studying or working. 😉 I love this frame! It’s so elegant and minimalistic.

opened notebook on a desk

Speaking of Kate Spade… their accessories are killer. This tray, stapler, and notebook are some of my favorites from their collection!

fashion book on a desk with a watch and a cup of coffee

This book, Love Style Life, is lovely and the perfect accessory for the girl who wants to live her best, most stylish life. My other favorite book recommendation is You Are a Badass, also sold at Paper Source!

closed notebook on a desk with a gold foil writing on it

a coffee mug with gold foil phrase on it

This mug says it all. Don’t we all need 3 day weekends more often?

For the Girl Who Likes to Keep it Neutral

Neutrals are flexible and classic, subtle and stylish. They’re perfect for the girl who likes to keep it simple!

a white board with a phrase written on it

This Mini Buddha Board is SUPER relaxing! How zen, right?

marble notebook with a vase of flowers

opened pencil case with pencils spilling out

You don’t need 4 eyes to see how cute this pencil case is… 😉 I also use it as a cord holder for all my chargers and headphones that I carry around!

pink and polka dot stapler on a desk

Staple it together.

marble notebook on a desk with a vase of flowers and glasses

This notebook is PERFECT. It’s perforated and has 3 holes if you want to put the paper in a binder. I love it so much and use it for note taking all the time!

coffee mug on a desk with a bouquet of flowers and a pencil case

There’s that mug again… I have to say that I love its snarkiness and honesty.

gray and white vase with flowers in it

How cute is this bud vase?

My Favorite Desk Accessories at Paper Source

Picking favorites out of this bunch was extremely difficult, BUT I managed to pick a few out to style my own desk at home! I would say my personal style is a mix of all 3 categories above–I love florals, neutrals, AND golden tones. Luckily, all of these gifts complemented each other very well!

gold foil coffee mug with a floral planner

a floral planner in front of a gold picture frame

books lined up with a vase of flowers

This gorgeous bouquet is from Flowers For Dreams, a local Chicago flower company that donates money to charity with every bouquet sold. I highly recommend them–look how pretty!

framed print of Chicago on a desk

My Rifle Paper Co. Chicago print is one of my favorite pieces of artwork I own. I’m sure you can see why–any lover of Chicago would adore it!

stacked books with a coffee mug

desk with supplies, flowers, and a picture of Chicago on it

So there you have it! These are my most loved items from the 2016 Paper Source Back-To-School Collection. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options–I promise they’re sure to please any gal, whether she’s headed back to school, to a new job, or if she has a particular affinity for adorable office accessories (like yours truly).



Audrey is an Arizona girl turned Chicagoan, and loves DIY projects, coffee, calligraphy, exploring Chicago, and dabbling in yoga. She works full time in digital marketing, but spends her spare time blogging over at Love Always, Audrey.