paper source lincoln park
Like the little black dress that sits in your closet, we’ve found the little black (or white) gift offers the same reliability and versatility. So, in addition to a springtime ode to daisies, we’ve compiled a beautiful assortment of black and white products.

Table displays, like those from our Southport and Lincoln Park stores (shown here), provide endless inspiration for several springtime gift challenges– Find “that perfect gift,” stylish gift wrap, add accent (or don’t), and you’re done! Wrap a wedding gift with Black & White Iron Scroll Wrapping Paper and Persimmon Daisy Gift Wrap. Or grab the Great Mustaches Mug and a Decomposition Journal for a masculine graduation gift.

paper source southport

Or maybe you’re looking to freshen up your home decor? Treat yourself to a simple black and white redesign after tackling those daunting spring cleaning tasks. Apartment Therapy recently featured an upbeat selection of yellow, black and white rooms, which provides additional inspiration.

To help with your efforts, we’ve taken the beauty of our store display and compiled our favorite black and white products into one easy-to-shop category– click here and surround yourself with the classic beauty of black and white.


3 Responses

  1. Vana Chupp says:

    Happy to see my book, Silhouette Art amongst the rest of the black and white gifts. Looks lovely!

  2. There are so many ideas that can be drawn from this display. I would use the paper for a whole lot of things.

  3. Laurel says:

    Black & White schemes are always so classic and elegant. Perfect with the oncoming season of bridal and baby showers!