Shopping for Him for Valentine’s Day can be a daunting task – We walk into stores with a clear vision of what we want to get and then are overwhelmed with all of the options. Not this year, though! We’ve created the ultimate gift guide for that special someone in your life, whether he’s a foodie or a outdoorsman. 

The Foodie

He’s always trying to whip up something new and show off his delicious concoctions. Here’s what we think he’ll love:

Brew Better Coffee At Home

This book will help him take his coffee snobbery to the next level.

Briefcase Grill

Hot dogs and hamburgers on-the-go is only a briefcase grill away!

BBQ Tool

Here’s a perfect little add-on to go with the grill above, an all-on-one BBQ Tool for your favorite griller.

The Wanderlust

He is always itching to experience something new, somewhere new. Here are a few things that he might need for his next trip:


Give him a space to jot down his travel thoughts and experiences with the Travelogue!

How To Be A Gentleman Personal Style Kit

For all those “just in case” moments, this style kit will definitely come in handy.

Camping Tool Kit

Who knows where all of his adventure’s will lead him to! This camping tool kit will come in handy in all sorts of scenarios.

Wood Hammer Multi-Tool

Being out in the wild is not for everyone, but if he loves a fun camping trip with his friends, this tool is perfect for him!

The Mixologist

He’s always channeling his inner bartender and mixing up something new. Here are some new gadgets for him to add to his bar:

Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails

This cocktail book features a seasonal and straightforward approach to drinks.

Rocking Whiskey Glass

Sophisticated whiskey glasses that rock back and forth and never tip over!

Whiskey Wedge

Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, the artful way to perfectly chill, but not water down your favorite spirits.

The Kid-At-Heart

He loves little nick knacks and gets a little kick out of games and toys. Here are a few desk games for when he gets bored at work:

Desktop Bag Toss Game

Bring his favorite backyard game to the office!

Desk Top Basketball

He can shoot hoops by only lifting a finger, literally. Read more about it here!

Desktop Croquet Game

When boredom kicks in at work, he can challenge his coworkers for a quick croquet match.

Electronic Football

Take him back to the 70’s with electronic football game!

Retro Arcade Handheld Machine

Bring back the fun of arcade games with this handheld retro arcade machine with 240 built-in games.

We can’t wait to see how you share the love this Valentine’s Day. Tell us how you’re celebrating this month of love & romance with your family and loved ones by tagging us using the #MyPSValentine and follow us on Instagram @PaperSource

– Maham Khan
Digital Marketing Intern