The Human Being Journal will help you practice mindfulness and achieve your goals through  guided pages that touch on every aspect of your human being. 

The creators, Sheba and Genevive of Mahara are inspirational leaders in health, body, and mind with fascinating backgrounds. They take wellbeing, rest, and relaxation to a whole new level. Learn more about them here and find their Human Being Journal online and exclusively in-store, only at PS retailers: 

After ditching their corporate careers for something more meaningful, Sheba and Genevive became partners. Their combined journeys of growth and mindfulness lead them to their destined roles as Founders of Mahara and creators of ‘The Human Being Journal.’  

In the careful and well-thought-out conception of their business, they chose the word Mahara because it ‘perfectly captures the vision for our business – to help humanity live more mindfully.’ Further capturing their essence,  ‘Mahara in Māori, the official language of the indigenous Polynesians in New Zealand, means mindfulness, and in Arabic, the official language of Oman, means building exceptional life skills.’


Let’s start with some introductions! Where are they from and how do they like to spend their time?

Sheba would call herself an ‘ ever-curious dreamer from Pakistan, Oman, and Canada. She loves great stories, podcasts, meditation, documentaries, Rumi, and her cat Charlie. Her biggest passions are travel and all things mindfulness.’

Genevive considers herself an ‘ idealist and optimist born in Sri Lanka and raised in Canada. She has spent over a decade leading marketing and communications programs for agencies, corporations, and charitable organizations, including UNICEF – a cause close to her heart.’


Now, let’s get a little more in-depth with this dynamic duo!

We are fascinated by the concept of two dimensions explained in your introduction speaking to the human side, what we do in our life vs. our being side, which is our essential timeless and formless versions of ourselves. When did you both become familiar with the ‘Human-Being’ teachings by Eckhart Tolle that are demonstrated in your journal? 

The Human Being Journal was inspired by our own life experiences and the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle. It invites you to explore ten key elements that capture the full human being experience. The human side speaks to what we do in our life – our outer selves and earthly identifiers of success such as our careers, health, relationships, community, travel, and finances. The being side refers to the true essence of who we are – timeless and formless. This includes our spirit, mind, creativity, passion, and how we give back to the world. It is only when we bridge both worlds that we can unleash our full potential. 

We first heard this concept back in 2008 when Oprah and Eckhart Tolle did a webinar series on Tolle’s latest book at the time, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” When we both heard him explain the concept of what it means to be a “human being” we stopped in our tracks. We had never heard anyone explain it in such succinct and powerful terms. We both were so moved that we kept the concept in our back pocket and knew we would want to bring it to life one day. Fast forward a decade later, we created The Human Being Journal which is rooted in the concept and really helps people bridge the gap between their human and being selves.   


 Do you have some advice for someone who may be intimated to begin the journey of the Human Being journal? 

Just start.  

Once you begin, you may fall in love with the process of learning more about yourself and develop a rich relationship with your inner world. The structure and flow of The Human Being Journal is non-judgmental and guided. It simply feels like an old friend walking you through the process.  

We have had many people say to us that The Human Being Journal is the journal for people who don’t like to journal. They may have thought about journaling over the years, but they had never come across a journal that had felt right for them, until now. It’s also monthly which makes the whole experience less daunting than a daily practice.  


I love that this journal assists in assigning personal accountability which differs from many self-guided journals. How else does this journal stand out from the rest? 

The Human Being Journal stands out from other self-guided journals out there for a few distinct reasons: 

  1. The journal is rooted in a beautiful concept by Eckhart Tolle which is the foundation and heart of the whole experience. Unlike other journals, The Human Being Journal not only helps you zero in on your vision and goals, it also helps you develop a mindfulness practice that takes into account your being side which consists of your spirit, creativity, gratitude and philanthropy.  
  2. It has a monthly guided format which requires minimal time commitment for maximum benefit. Unlike daily journals, the monthly framework is not overwhelming and can be seamlessly integrated into busy schedules. 
  3. The journal can be started anytime. Whether it’s the start of the new year, your birthday or another milestone, the journal is not dated so you choose when you want to dive in. 
  4. Unlike other journals that offer quick solutions, we encourage everyone to take the time to truly do the work of inner reflection. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that our time is limited, and you can’t hack your way to a dream life – ending up somewhere beautiful requires thoughtful examination. The Human Being Journal really helps guide users through this asking them important life questions. 
  5. Giving back is baked into our philosophy and a percentage of all journal sales goes towards supporting global mental health organizations. 

What was the most enjoyable part of creating the Human-Being journal? 

Every aspect of creating The Human Being Journal was enjoyable. It was very meaningful for us to create a product that would truly help others in their life journey. We were very intentional in our approach and thought through every piece of content, the quotes, designing the layout, choosing cover fabrics, colors, and more.  

The most fulfilling part of the experience overall has been putting the journal out into the world and watching it change lives. When we hear from customers that it has improved their mental health or gave them perspective or helped them achieve a goal, it means the absolute world to us as founders. Our favorite moment is when someone uses the journal and then comes back to buy additional copies for people they love. Our entire mission is to have The Human Being Journal be a source of comfort and help people live the life of their dreams.  

 What is your favorite form of communication? (Given all the social platforms that exist today) 

From a social media perspective, we would say we love Instagram. As people who love photography, we like the visual medium and also the ability to connect with individuals from around the world.  

If you could give advice to someone who is struggling to create a better life for themself, what would you say? 

 For anyone looking to create a better life for themselves, we would encourage them to lean into the world of mindfulness. Mindfulness practices help you become more present and make you realize that the past doesn’t exist, and the future is only experienced as the now, so the only real thing is the present moment. There are several different mindfulness practices you can cultivate and it’s important to find what works best for you. Below are some of our favorites:  

  1. Meditation: It is an ancient wellness practice that focuses on training awareness, attention, and compassion. It helps you slow down, be present and put a stop to the incessant chatter in our minds.  
  1. Journaling: The art of writing down thoughts on paper can be one of the most effective mindfulness practices. Its benefits include managing stress and anxiety, building self-awareness, synthesizing your thoughts and cultivating self-understanding. Of course, you can always start with The Human Being Journal as your first journaling experience. 
  1. Breathwork: Remain conscious of your breath during the day. Most of us breathe shallow and need to retrain our lungs. Lamaze breathing — mostly known for childbirth — is a powerful tool to help relieve stress. According to a Japanese study — six, deep, prolonged breaths alone can instantly drop your blood pressure, raise alkalinity and change your mental state. 
  1. Spend time in nature: Connecting with nature has immense therapeutic benefits — especially given our busy and digitally loaded lifestyles.  


You both are incredibly inspiring and have curated so many wonderful experiences in your lives. What’s next? 

We have lots of ideas and we’re excited about creating new products. But for now, we are focused on getting The Human Being Journal in as many homes in North America as possible. Because we know our journal is an effective mindfulness tool, we want it to have an impact globally in helping people manage their mental health and live their best lives. In the future we have plans to expand to other parts of the world – including the U.K., Australia, India and more. We are also currently working on launching a podcast and curating a mindfulness experience in 2023.  


If you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life, which wine would it be? 

It’s so hard to choose! It would be a Primitivo (Italy) or Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand). 

Which Paper Source Colorscope Color Speaks to Your Personality? 

 Sheba Zaidi: Hard to pick one! Would say a mix of Black, Antique Gold and Mint. 

Genevie Savundranayagam: I would say I’m a mix of a few: Mint, Slate, Antique Gold, Coral 


Lastly, we wanted to know, what’s your favorite PS product?  

Sheba Zaid: I love the Navy Velvet Heat Pillow which is perfect for relaxation, yoga, or meditation. All things I adore! 

Genevie Savundranayagam: I love your collection of candles and greeting cards. Plan to pick up the Comfort Zone Candle next time I’m there! 


In this ever-changing world, Sheba and Genevie are truly inspirational leaders of mindfulness and self-care. Taking the time to create the best version of yourself is the most intimate form of self-care. We recommend setting aside personal time to give ‘The Human Being Journal’ the opportunity to change your life for the better. Improve your overall well-being and mental health, one page and one reflection at a time.