1. Women We Love: Marie Tillman


    As a leader of two business and a family of six, simplifying life has been a key strategy for Marie Tillman’s success.  This approach helps Marie stay true to the person she aspires to be and the life she wants to live.

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  2. DIY Moment: Illuminated Photo Box

    DIY Moments: Vol.18 No.7

    Whether you’re scrambling for a last minute gift or are looking for a creative way to brighten your dorm room, this illuminated photo box will do the trick!  A quick and easy craft to keep your favorite photo on display all day and night.


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  3. My Planner, My Plan Series: Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co

    Meet PS Planning Ambassador: Anna Bond

    As co-founder and Creative Director of Rifle Paper Co, Anna Bond, has perfected her organization routine successfully taking a small business in her apartment to an internationally recognized brand. Known for her signature hand painted illustrations of vibrant floral patterns and travel inspired designs, Anna Bond has expanded her product offering to create complete lifestyle collections including an exclusive 17-month planner for Paper Source.

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  4. My Planner, My Plan Series: Jen Gotch of Ban.do

    Meet PS Planning Ambassador: Jen Gotch

    Ban.do is known across the country for empowering messages, all things pink and quirky illustrations from local artists, but it all started with a plan from Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jen Gotch. As a self-proclaimed non-planner, Jen understands the importance of planning and staying on track so she has surrounded herself with a supportive team. With that team, Jen was able to explore playful ideas and build an uplifting community into a fan-favorite brand. Ban.do wants life to be fun, offering an assortment of products from a day at the beach to working in the office, including the Paper Source exclusive 2018-2019 Ban.do Moonstone Planner.

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  5. My Planner, My Plan Series: Rosie O’Neill of Sugarfina

    Meet PS Planning Ambassador:  Rosie O’Neill

    Combining a passion for color and a quest to create the ultimate candy shop, Rosie O’Neill and her husband Josh, co-founded Sugarfina.  Sugarfina is a luxury candy boutique filled with artisanal candies that are packed to perfection for gifting or a little self-indulgence.  Although her day may sound sweet, filled with taste-testing and creating beautiful new gummies, Rosie manages many different roles at work and at home ensuring all runs smoothly.  With purposeful planning, goal setting and organizing, Rosie was able to turn her dream into a thriving business with over 25 boutiques across the country and develop exclusive partnerships with major retailers including Paper Source!

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  6. My Planner, My Plan Series: Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte of Maman

    Meet PS Planning Ambassadors:  Elisa Marshall and Ben Sormonte

    As co-owners of Maman, Elisa and Benjamin, have had to be proactive planners while also being open to possibilities of life’s spontaneity every day to create the artful and unique experience of their shops. Maman, is an ever-evolving bakery, coffee shop and event space with locations throughout New York and Toronto.  Inspired by fond memories in the kitchen growing up and wholesome family recipes, these business partners blended their ideas to create a welcoming setting for delivering quality food and exceptional experiences. Elisa and Ben each brought their own expertise and passion while concepting Maman but working together as a team has allowed them to expand locations and offerings, including their famous nutty chocolate chip cookies.

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  7. Behind the Design: From Concept to Complete

    Since our new 2019 planners just launched last week, we thought it would be fun to get a behind the scenes look at how these new designs were brought to life. We chatted with our in-house designers to see what their workspaces are like, how the design process begins, and what possible designs we might be seeing from them in the future!

    Illustrations of a bird on a planner

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  8. Get a Royal Look for Your Wedding Invitations

    The world is all abuzz about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Henry and Meghan Markle, which takes place on May 19th. Many brides-to-be will be watching the wedding, hoping to perhaps borrow some of the royal wedding elements to use in their own ceremonies. One place where it would be easy to replicate the style and look of the royal wedding is in the invitations.

    Did you see how stunning these invitations are?

    Via @KensingtonRoyal

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  9. DIY Butterfly Embellishment

    This year marks our 35th anniversary of inspiring you to Do Something Creative Every Day! In honor of our milestone moment, we’ve recently redesigned PaperSource.com, making it easier for you explore our brand online.

    Since butterflies are the perfect metaphor for profound change in one’s life, moving from one chapter to the next, we’ve been featuring fine paper butterflies in an array of our DIYs lately.

    DIY Butterflies made of Fine Paper

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  10. Empowering Women in Our Communities

    In April, we asked you to nominate the women in your life that empower you to be the best you, and with over 400 written nominations in stores, we’ve had the honor to catch a glimpse of these women who empower others through love, action and empathy. While one of these women has won a lovely illustration in her honor, courtesy of Lydia Ortiz, Illustrator of the Little Feminist series, every woman nominated deserves a spotlight for the little things she does on a daily basis to empower those around her.

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