I have come to appreciate a good baby shower game. If done well, it’s a great way to get all your guests involved. Not to mention, a nice transition from the eating portion to the gift opening portion of the shower. I knew for this baby shower that I wanted to get my friend’s husband involved because he is such a character. I learned of a game called Daddy Knows Best, where you ask the father-to-be a series of questions, then have the mother-to-be try to guess his answers at the shower. The game is simple, but I wanted to create an experience that would be fun for everyone.

I made game cards for each guest with two sections – first they would predict how many of Daddy’s answers Mom would guess correctly; second they read through the list of 12 questions I had asked Daddy and tried to guess his answers for themselves.

baby shower game cards

Once guests had filled out their cards, it was time for Mom to play the game. A spiral bound book made using our new Zutter machine contained all the questions and Daddy’s answers. It was much more interesting for me to flip through book than to have read the answers off a page, and my friend loved being able to keep the book once we were finished.

baby shower game daddy knows best

baby shower game book

To determine a winner, guests kept track of how many questions they answered correctly. The guest with the most correct answers would win, and in our case of a tie we then compared the guests’ predictions of how many questions Mom would get correct to how many she actually answered right.

A special thank you to my co-worker Ann, who provided loads of baby shower inspiration and constructed this adorable spiral bound game book.

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  1. Desiree Ladd says:

    What a cute & simple idea! I luv it! If you don’t have the fancy binding thing you could still make the book using other more cost effective binding methods! ;D

  2. Teri says:

    Darling idea! What questions did you ask Daddy?

  3. Kristen says:

    Teri, here are a few examples of the questions I asked daddy-to-be:

    – How many diapers will your baby need each day? (Questions like this about caring for the baby are funny, because dad may or may not have a clue)

    – Which grandparent will spoil the baby the most?

    – Which memory from growing up do you hope to recreate with your child?

    – Are you or mom more likely to be the parent who says “no”?

    – On a scale of 1-10, how prepared do you feel for baby’s arrival?

  4. Megan says:

    Hi there – I love this idea! It will be perfect for my sister-in-law’s shower next week. Is there any way you would share your document with the questions on it with me? I can change around the questions, but I am having a hard time trying to re-create your format.
    Thanks so much!

  5. Cassy says:

    I too, would love to read what the questions are. I can totally make my own sheet but the questions are hard to think of. Thanks a ton!

  6. chadsay says:

    Could you please e-mail me the ?’s as well!

  7. Kristen says:

    Here are the questions we used, but the possibilities are endless!

    1. What is Laura’s favorite (pregnancy) food craving?
    2. Do you think your baby will be born with no hair, a full head of hair or in between?
    3. How many diapers will your baby need each day?
    4. In the beginning, how many times a night will your baby be up?
    5. Babies recognize mom’s voice at birth – how long before they recognize dad’s voice?
    6. Which baby item that you’ve purchased will end up being the most helpful?
    7. Are you or Laura more likely to be the parent who says “no”?
    8. Besides mom, dad and Morris (the dog), which family member will be your baby’s favorite?
    9. Which grandparent will spoil your baby the most?
    10. How old will your baby be when you take him/her to his/her first Cubs game?
    11. Which memory from growing up do you hope to recreate with your child?
    12. From 1-10 how prepared do you feel for the baby’s arrival (10 = most prepared)?

  8. chadsay says:

    Thanks so much! Appreciated!

  9. Emily says:

    Does anyone know any youtube videos of dads actually answering these questions out loud? I found one, but now I can’t find my link!!


  10. Leslie says:

    I’ve been planning on doing this game for my best friend’s baby shower next month but I needed help with a couple more questions. While I was searching for more questions to ask, I came across your blog. I absolutely love how you did everything. Thank you for the inspiration! (:

  11. Earline says:

    My son and his wife are having their first baby. I am having a ‘man’ shower for them Saturday. I am so doing this game!!! Now, to ask him the questions without him being suspicious…….I want to keep it a secret til then.

  12. Christina says:

    I want to do this for a couple’s baby shower but I’m going to use white boards and have the couple answer the question together to see if they get matching answers.

  13. Joy Hornbacher says:

    Great idea! What is the name of the font? I love it.

  14. chelsea says:

    i also made a lot of these questions:

    1. How many diapers does a baby go through in a year? (correct is 2200)

    2. That is the average time for a man to change a diaper? (corret is 1 min 40 sec)

    3. Who will be getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby?

    4. What is the first sense a baby gets? (correct is hearing)

    5. At birth does a baby have kneecaps? (correct is no)

    6. A new born knows its moms voice right away, how long does it take for a baby to recognize a fathers voice? (correct is 2 weeks)

    7. Adults laugh an average of 60 times a day, how often does a toddler laugh? (correct is 300)

    8. What is the slang for pregnant in England? (correct is stuffed)

    9. Which of you two will be the disciplinarian and which will be the softie?

    10. How many hours does a newborn sleep each day? (correct is 16)

    11. What age does a child stop needing naps? (correct is 4)

    12. What age does a baby start eating solids? (correct 4-6m)

    13. Whats been the funnest part of being pregnant?

    14. What was your favorite childhood toy?

    15. Whats been the most stressful part of being pregnant?

    16. According to the nursery rhyme, little girls are made of what?

    17. If you could take your baby on a trip anywhere in the world where would u go?

    18. What was the first word that came out of your mouth when you found out Vanessa was pregnant?

    19. What is one word that would describe vanessas mood while being pregnant?

    20. What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

    21. What holiday are you looking to celebrate with your baby most?

    22. If your daughter could grow up to become any profession in the world, what would you like?

    23. What is one wish for your baby?

    24. What are you most scared of?

    25. what was your favorite movie or tv show when you were a child?

  15. Linda says:

    Thank you for the great idea for my son!

  16. Katie says:

    This is an awesome idea– definitely going to use it for a shower I am planning in January. Thanks so much for sharing and for everyone’s additional comments!

  17. Donna says:

    Thank you for the sample questions! Sooo useful for a friend’s baby shower later! And I like the binder thing, fun way to look back at their answers!

  18. Michele says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a place to go to have something like this made? I don’t want to buy a machine that I probably wouldn’t use again.

  19. Laura says:

    Michele, do you know any teachers? Most elementary schools have binding machines that a teacher friend could use for you! If not, try Kinkos. 🙂

  20. Michele says:

    Great idea! I did not think of that. Thanks Laura!

  21. Tara says:

    Hi Kristen. Any chance you can please share the template for this?
    This is such a great idea and I love everything about your one. Thanks Tara x

  22. Monica says:

    Hi Kristen. I too am interested in the template or at least where you go the font! It is so cute!

  23. Anne Marie says:

    Thank you for the sample questions! I am using this game for my sister to incorporate her husband who is and will be deployed for the birth of their first child. Most of the questions I was finding online were too sensitive to ask since he won’t be meeting their daughter until she is 3 months, so your sample questions were very helpful! Thank you!

  24. Katie says:

    Very creative 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  25. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this idea. I am going to do something similar, but in a game format that everyone can join in: Ask the dad a list of questions then ask everyone at the baby shower to guess the dad’s answers. Here are some I’ve thought of:
    1 – Who will be more likely to say ‘No’ to the baby – You or Tracy?
    2 – Do you think your baby will be born with no hair, a full head of hair or in between?
    3 – Who will spoil the baby more? Nanny or Grandad?
    4 – Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?
    (P.s I am from UK and the slang for being pregnant is ‘Up the Duff’ or just Preggers – I have never heard of ‘stuffed!’)

  26. Emily says:

    Hi there, can you clarify something? Do the guests write down their answers before the mum to be answers the questions? Or do they answer them as the mum to be is asked them?

  27. camille says:

    please send how to with questions for daddy to be…i love this idea!! thank you

  28. nancy says:

    I’ve never heard of stuffed either!

    Knocked up or bun in the oven too!