So you’ve decided to Host a Halloween Party! Here are some seriously spooky great tips on how to get prepared to Let The Ghoul Times Roll for the most frighteningly fun party this season! Look into our crystal ball and find it all…


  1. Make or Buy Spooky Decor that’s to die for. Incorporate your own style into the selected party theme. Make hand-crafted decorations or decorate with pre-made garlands and Halloween party supplies that will spark a magical time. Adding themed accents will add extra flair and be a photo-worthy aspect for your friends. Give them a ghoulish good time and make hauntingly great memories.  Check out the following spooky selections of ready-to-craft kits, paper goods, and ready-to-hang decor that will spin a wicked web of delight and fright. 

              Paper Plates & Napkins are a super easy way to add decor and extra frightful flair to the affair!

    • Bone Appetite Plates -Don’t let the paper plates be the bare bones of the party. Dress them up with spooky, scary skeletons. 
    • Halloween Orange Napkins– An essential party need for tasty treats. Designed in iconic colors. 


2. Create a Music Playlist to Set The Mood. 

  • Brew a playlist that will put a spell on your whole party and keep everyone dancing the night away. Have fun with the potion you create. We love nostalgic Halloween classics to get on gourd with the selected theme. Some of our favorite Halloween tracks are below. Listen here. 
          1. Monster Mash 
          2. Witchy Woman 
          3. Werewolves of London
          4. Thriller
          5. Somebodies Watching Me
          6. Love Potion #9
          7. Spooky, Scary Skeletons
          8. Grim, Grinning Ghosts
          9. Superstition
          10. Abracadabra
          11. Ghostbusters
          12. This is Halloween
          13. Witch Doctor
          14. Time Warp
          15. The Purple People Eater

3. Plan Fun Activities & Entertainment Before the Event.

    1. Oh, Mummy. Parties without a plan can fall apart quickly. Prepare spooky seasonal activities like bewitching crafts that are fun for kids and adults, monster mash karaoke, or ghastly games. Find our favorite freakishly fun activities for your Halloween Bash. Craft Kits for Ghouls Nights In and a Scary Good Time.

4. Bone Appetite. Prepare Snacks or Sweets. Less Tricks, More Treats.  Try to make things simple and easy to prepare in advance so you have more time for making magical memories. Our top choices for the spooky season are less about tricks and more about treats: 

Frightening Fun Thank You Bag for Everyone!

Option 1-Ghoulish Goodie Bag. Buy individual squishes or even break apart bunches!

Option 2- Spooky Stationery. Separate Stationery so that you can create more bags if you need to!

Option 3- Paper Source Inspired Grab Bags. Give the gift of Paper created fun!

Now Step Back and Let the Ghoul Times Roll!