drinks with ice in confetti tumblers

Alright guys, it’s basically summer. Even though it snowed on Monday in Chicago, it was 65 degrees on Sunday and I’m going to go with that. So since it was summer on Sunday, I thought it would be nice to kick off the season with some Rosé Sparklers!

Rosé iced tea

Paper Source was kind enough to send me this tea and let me tell you, this stuff is excellent. As soon as I opened the tin, everyone in the room was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and we couldn’t stop passing it around so everyone could keep smelling it. It smells that good.

a woman holding up coasters and rosé iced tea

You know what goes perfectly with this amazing Rosé Iced Tea? Rosé.

Using this combo (+ some other additions), we made the perfect Rosé Sparkler!

Here’s the recipe:

iced tea, champagne, and glasses on a counter


 yes way rosé

a beverage station on a counter

a pitcher full of Rosé iced tea

Perfectly fizzy.

pouring gin into the pitcher

pouring drinks into tumblers

This recipe and these glasses were MADE for each other.

4 full glasses

decorative rosettes

two women clinking glasses together

one full tubmler

To round everything out, add a interestingly-shaped ice cube to the mix! This sphere-shaped one was very easy to make using this mold. The set comes with 2! I recommend freezing a few ice cubes during the week before you use them – they’ll hold up by themselves in the freezer once they’re frozen!

a woman holding a drink

women having drinks

friends sitting on a couch holding up their glasses

pouring more drinks

These glasses and coasters are everything I want in barware. Seriously.

Have trouble remembering which glass is yours? Put a bird on it! 😉

a bird charm sitting on the rim of a glass

See that phone case right there? Lucky you–you have a chance to win one for yourself and a friend, as well as a $50 gift card to Paper Source, on Instagram! Check it out on @audreyhirschl until Sunday, April 10th at 11:59pm CST.

Audrey is an Arizona girl turned Chicagoan, and loves DIY projects, coffee, calligraphy, exploring Chicago, and dabbling in yoga. She works full time in digital marketing, but spends her spare time blogging over at Love Always, Audrey.