Who doesn’t yearn for the blissful elementary school days when Valentines were passed out and candy grams were delivered?  Kids love having the opportunity to give their friends little cards and candies (as well as getting them in return).

When the classroom Valentine’s party looms near, make sure your child is ready with cute and crafty Valentines.  Here are our top 8 DIY kits that will make sending love to friends extra special.  Your child will have a blast personalizing these cards for all their school yard pals.

1. Wild About You Valentine Card Kit

Wild About You

We’re wild about this Valentine kit for all skill levels!


2. Tasty Treats Valentine Card Kit

Tasty Treats

This kit contains all the components you need to make some sweet Valentines, including stickers and pre-cut shapes.


3. Whale Valentine Card Kit


Short on time?  This is a whaley quick kit that you can put together with your kids.


4. Dino-mite Valentine Card Kit


These Valentines are T-riffic for both boys and girls!


5. Bee Kind Valentine Card Kit

Bee Kind

Cute as a bug Valentines that are un-bee-lievably easy to assemble.


6. Handbag Valentine Making Card Kit

Pretty Purses

Accessorize these Valentines with stickers and stamps!


7. Mermaid Valentine Card Kit


This kit includes fin-tastic adornments to make your mermaids swimmingly beautiful.


8. Puppies & Kittens Valentine Card Kit

Puppies and Kittens

These Valentines are purr-fect to personalize for classmates.