1. Buyer’s faves for back to school — Lindsay

    I haven’t been “back to school” in over 10 years, but when the time comes around it is always nice to freshen up my lunch accessories (celebrating “still at work”!). It brightens up the fact that summer is almost over. This year I brought in a bunch of adorable back to school items like backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, journals and other fun school supplies.

    Some of my favorites are reusable lunch items that I can bring to work everyday. I love to bring leftovers for lunch and the Amy Ruppel Travel Bowl is great for pastas, rice dishes, and even soups! I am also a tea junky, so the matching Amy Ruppel Thermos is perfect – it’s insulated, BPA free and so cute!

    Travel bowl and thermos

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  2. Fave spring gifts – gonzo for color

    Ask anyone who knows me—my mom, my co-workers, my old hairstylist Jojo—to describe me in three words, and he or she will inevitably use the word “colorful.” Rich colors, like rich flavors, tickle some deep joyful place inside of me. Fiery colors can warm up even the rainiest afternoon, and bright, flowery hues help remind me that soon little pink and yellow and purple blooms will be popping up all across the city, like the Paas-dipped eggs that I thought magically appeared in our family’s lawn each Easter morning.

    Lindsay's Oilily Scarf

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  3. Fave holiday gifts — loco for luchas

    Lindsay with Ultimo VampiroIf you’re looking for funky holiday gift ideas, listen up. Lately I’ve been into Mexican kitsch like “lucha libre” – a theatrical, acrobatic and campy form of Mexican wrestling. I was a luchador for Halloween, I own masks for spontaneous late-night wrestling with friends, and last year, I saw a live match at the Plaza del Toros in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was awesome! Sweat was flying, beer was flowing, and fans were munching on fresh-fried potato chips drizzled with hot sauce. The kids in the crowd went nuts for their favorite luchadores. I even got a photo with my favorite wrestler, Ultimo Vampiro.

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  4. Favorites: India rubber stamps

    I love the graphic simplicity of our India Rubber Stamps. Whether used as one clean image or stamped in multiples they really make a statement. When I find a new rubber stamp design I love, I make several cards and gift tags to keep on hand. These cards would work for birthdays and as thank yous, and gift tags are great attached to a gift box or tied to a bottle of wine (the ultimate last minute gift!). If you love our India collection as much as we do, read more about the inspiration behind the entire collection.

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  5. Buyer’s faves for back to school — Gretchen

    l'apres midi datebook1

    This past Sunday I turned 37. How can I be 37? My birthday always makes me think of back to school time. I still remember being 7 or 8 and getting my new school shoes in early August and letting them sit in their box in my closet until I got to wear them on the first day of school. I would open the box every day to smell the new leather and would plan what to wear for the first day of school for about a month. Too bad I don’t get a new outfit and shoes bought for me every August anymore….boo hoo….being an adult is so hard! I am however excited to buy myself a new date book. This fall I’m going to buy the L’apres Midi Date Book. It’s so cute with little watercolor illustrations and French sayings painted throughout. It’s also really cool because it is an any-day diary, meaning it comes without specific dates. You just plug in your own schedule. It seems so happy to me and I like that quality in something I have to look at every day!

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  6. Buyer’s faves for back to school — Lindsay

    lindsay's bts favorites1 Sometimes trying to be environmentally conscious and still loving to shop puts me in a bit of a bind. We all have that one friend who claims to care about the environment but nevertheless drives a three-ton suburban mini-tank to her yoga classes, or happily sucks down 14 plastic bottles of water a day. Fortunately, in my ongoing quest to avoid being a total hypocrite, I have discovered a few gift ideas that we carry at Paper Source that are both environmentally responsible and attractive. One problem that I’ve always had with eco-gifts is that I love bright, saturated colors, but “green” items tend to be full of neutrals—lots of burlap and browns. Lucky for me reusable and colorful are becoming more and more popular.

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