Who’s ready for some wedding inspiration? I am the Kansas City Paper Source Assistant Store Manager, and I wanted to share my do-it-yourself wedding invitation story with the PS family!

My fiancée and I decided right away that we wanted a DIY and mostly paper wedding — he wanted it to be cheap and casual, and I wanted to make everything. So DIY was an easy decision!

I wanted a neutral color palette of cement, whites, and gravel. I also love lace. A vintage-modern wedding theme married the two and quickly became our style.

To start, I found a case of 1,000 paper doilies from a website called www.mypapershop.com, and got them at an awesome bulk price! As every bride knows, you have to watch your budget, and I was really excited to make all my inner envelopes with the doilies, so I would save money and have something surprising and different!

(Since I bought so many doilies, I ended up working them into our reception décor by covering glass jars and bottles to serve as flower vases and candle holders.)

For the invite, I used the large doily stamp with white embossing powder on Cement, and then I used an A7 Gravel card as the backing.

For the RSVP postcard, I stamped a US Map stamp with the versamark pad, and put a double heart stamp over the Kansas and Missouri border in Crimson ink. (My fiancée is from Kansas and I’m from Missouri, and our wedding is here in KC.) I embossed both stamps at the same time with the clear powder, so it was 2 steps in one! My fiancée helped with the heat embossing, and I was surprised at how much he loved helping!

We are also using just a touch of red with our colors, so on the backs of the Gravel envelopes, we used the red glue gun wax, with the R seal. All of the envelope liners were made out of various white and cream patterned lokta papers, which made it fun to add a little variety! Finishing touches were added with the white uniball gel pen for addressing, and a custom stamp for our return address.

Even though Gravel and Cement are not words you normally think of when you think of a wedding, I am very happy with my color choices.

PS colors: Cement, Gravel & Whites
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6 Responses

  1. Michele says:

    I love the postcards! How did you make the rounded edges–scrapbook punch? I’d love to see what the other side looked like and how you did that. These are the first really cute RSVP postcards that I’ve seen!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Michele! I had a file set up with the RSVP info on one side, with my mailing address on the other, and had the cards cut to an A2 size. Then I stamped the front with the USA stamp, and rounded the corners using the Fiskars corner squeeze punch sold here at Papersource!It is one of my favorite tools we carry!

  3. Alyssa says:

    How did you make the doily envelopes?? Did you use an envelope making kit? They are amazing!

  4. Erin says:

    These are beautiful! Where did you find the doily stamp? I’m scouring google and am finding a lot of stamps, but I love the one you used!

  5. I love your invitations. I actually live in charlotte and made my own invitations using all things paper source. I’d love to send photos over to yall to share but couldnt find a contact email anywhere!

  6. April says:

    I am soooo getting those doilies! I am in early wedding planning stages now but this makes me EXCITED!