30# Inkjet Vellum Paper 8.5" x 11" Bulk Pack

8 1/2" x 11"
Set of 100
Limited quantity available. Order now.
Yes - Exclusive
Vellum paper is a beautiful material to use for making invitations, cards, scrapbooking and craft projects. Layer over colored paper, add a frosted look to projects, cut, tear, decorate...even print directly onto vellum.

Pack of 100 inkjet vellum sheets.

Printing Tip
Vellum paper lacks the visible difference between the coated (printing) side and the uncoated back side. To make sure you print on the correct (coated) side try this trick. Moisten your thumb and forefinger and hold a vellum sheet between them. Release your fingers and see which side sticks to your finger - this is the side that should be printed on. You can also use a gel pen or heavy ink pen to make a dot on the vellum - if the ink beads up, use the other side to print.