2020 Kitchen Companion Page-a-Week Calendar

11" x 8.5"
12 Months
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This online only calendar is perfect for organizing your week! The Kitchen Companion Page-a-Week calendar is a weekly magnetic calendar that'll spruce up your fridge and bring order to the days ahead. Weekly spreads feature ample room for keeping track of plans and notes and for jotting down grocery lists (you’ll never misplace yours again), with charming illustrations and hand-lettering throughout. There are surprising expert tips for cooking (steam okra to get rid of its slimy texture), cleaning (run half an onion along your grill grates to degrease them), and using up leftovers (turn refrigerated rice into rice pudding). And throughout the year, you'll see colorful, stylish illustrations of produce, fresh herbs, vintage kitchen equipment, and more.

January 2020—December 2020.