2020 My Infinite Agenda Planner

7" x 9"
13 Months
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My Infinite Agenda is an elegant and dynamic vision-board planner designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. We believe that what you focus on, you attract, which is why we know that your goals and dreams are merely a pen-stroke away. My Infinite Agenda will clearly guide you through section prompts to start turning your dreams and goals into realities.

Using the expansive, functional writing spaces, you will organize your daily schedule, while simultaneously chronicling your highest ambitions. At the end of each month, My Infinite Agenda will inspire you to record your infinite winnings so you can capture your goals and dreams that have come to fruition.

Are you ready to recognize all your greatness? My Infinite Agenda invites you to explore the world of infinite possibilities; imagine the life you want & build it!

August 2019 — August 2020