2022-2023 Rifle Paper Co. Navy Lea Weekly Planner

8.25" x 10"
August 2022 - December 2023
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A big planner for big plans. The large-format 2023 planner from Rifle Paper Co. is designed with convenience in mind. Each is spiral bound with a sturdy hard cover, and has an elastic band to hold it closed. Inside you’ll find monthly and weekly views, inspirational quotes, sections for celebrations, notes and contacts, pocket folders for storage, and two sticker sheets for extra fun

  • Designed by Rifle Paper Co.
  • Weekly & Monthly Pages
  • Horizontal Weekly Bulleted View
  • Pages for Goals, Special Dates, and Notes
  • Hardcover Spiral
  • Interior Pocket
  • Two Sticker Sheets
  • Elastic Closure Band
Beautiful planner covers featuring the Rifle Paper Co Collection.
Interior of a planner displaying a monthly view. Interior of a planner displaying a weekly view.
Interior of a planner displaying intricate floral artwork. Close up of different planner bindings including spiral and perfect bound.

2023 Rifle Paper Co. Collection Features

Monthly + Weekly Planner

Rifle Paper Co. Planner

Large Sized Planner

Pocket Organization + Storage

Spiral Planner

Cute Stickers

Why do we love Rifle?

Known for their colorful, bright, and bold patterns. Rifle Paper Co. features elegant florals and greenery that lend artistic expression to your daily needs. Beautiful Cover illustrations and well-organized interiors make their planner a must-have!

What Makes Rifle Special?

All of the floral design accents make Rifle so unique! These planners are packed edge to edge with elements of flowers on nearly every page to make every day feel enchanting.

Important Dates

Holidays and valuable dates for the year ahead are conveniently located in one place. Time to plan for every occasion on your list. Includes daylight savings and celebrations in 2023.