curated gallery wall

1. Black & White

Monochrome prints create contrast and drama on their own, but bring a sense of balance when paired with colorful pieces. Choose from these striking designs to round out any art collection.

2. Colorful Florals

Florals can be as simple or as bold as you like, breathing life and color into any room. Use the color palette of a floral piece to inspire your color scheme with a range of complementary hues.

3. Bold Text

Make your wall a source of inspiration with your favorite bold quote! Whether it’s funny, motivational, or both, the words stand out and add personality, making bold text an essential element of your gallery wall.

4. Abstract

Let creative and artistic energy into your space by including abstract art designs. Listen to your inner art curator to select the pieces that inspire you and look cohesive in your gallery.

5. Icons & Animals

Adorable icons and animals add a cuteness factor to any wall. With options ranging from birds to giraffes to pineapples and more, you can introduce a statement icon or spirit animal into your aesthetic.

6. Portraits

Portraits capture emotion, personality, and other human qualities that add something special to gallery walls to make them stand out. Browse this category for figures that speak to you.