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Meet our 2018-2019 Planner Ambassadors! Learn how planners and calendars are a useful planning tool for each of these creative entrepreneurs, plus a few organizational tips. Then, shop our inspired picks for planning success.

Jen Gotch of Bando's Perfect Planner

Jen Gotch

Jen Gotch

In a creative space filled with colors and friends, work and play, ups and downs, Jen Gotch has shown us that with the right plan, the future looks bright. Jen is a self-proclaimed non-planner, yet she understands the importance of planning and staying on track. To do this, Jen recognized she is motivated by inspirational quotes and designs that make her feel cheerfully optimistic. Most importantly, she holds herself accountable to scheduling "fun" tasks alongside her professional ones. Having work-life balance inspired the Paper Source exclusive 2018-2019 Moonstone Planner which is filled with words and artwork from the design team.

See more on Jen's thoughts on living a well-balanced life, plus an inside look at her creative space on the PS Blog or shop Jen's picks for whimsical picks to help her plan.

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Perfect Planner for Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Making It!

Amber Kemp-Gerstel

Amber Kemp-Gerstel

Damask Love

Most recently, Amber can be found competing on NBC's crafting-inspired series, Making It! Before that, she was a child psychologist working with kids and teens. She has always been destined to be a creative, out of the box and colorful crafter. Amber has taken her life-long passion for crafting and has created her own platform to bring all forms of craft-making to life. From baking, to home improvements, to crafts, to family activities and more, Amber has to prioritize and plan for the many projects she features on her blog, Damask Love. To do this successfully, she relies on not only her trusted planner, but also the Floral Vines Pocket Calendar.

Get an inside look at Amber's creative approach to planning, her dream work space and more on the PS Blog or shop below for her fun and crafty must-have office accessories.

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Perfect Planner for Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co.

Anna Bond

Anna Bond

Rifle Paper Co.

As co-founder and Creative Director of Rifle Paper Co, Anna Bond has perfected her organization routine successfully taking a small business from her apartment to an internationally recognized brand. This transformation started with a dream and long-term plan, but as a visionary, Anna struggled with how to plan the daily tasks. The key was having a planner that had both monthly views for high level overviews and a weekly view for managing daily task lists. Anna's planning approach and fast paced lifestyle was the inspiration for the Paper Source exclusive 2018-2019 Mint Floral Planner.

See more on Anna's tips and tricks for staying organized, an inside look at her Rifle Paper Co. workspace and more on the PS or shop below for some of Anna's favorite planning essentials.

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Perfect Planner for Eva Amurri Martino of Happily Eva After

Eva Amurri Martino

Eva Amurri

Happily Eva After

As a wife, mother, actress and most recently lifestyle blogger, Eva's active schedule must be flexible but structured to ensure she accomplishes key tasks. Her days can be a little chaotic. She stays busy creating new content on her blog with on-site photo shoots, meeting with her team and staying focused to find new inspiration. Other times she is chasing after two young kids or traveling to be with family. For her, having "something physical to hold" where she can see her week at a glance to help prioritize the week ahead is critical for staying organized.

Find out more about Eva's old-school approach to planning and learn about her strategy for staying focused on the PS Blog. Shop Eva's must-haves for optimal organization below.

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Sugarfina's Favorite Planning Calendar

Rosie O'Neill & Josh Resnick

influencer name/s


Rosie and Josh understand the value of planning and organization ensuring they can live the sweet life. Much like the packaged candy of their boutiques, planning for this husband and wife duo, is compartmentalized and color coded to keep their family and business running smoothly. Using a calendar that allows them to see travel plans, important meetings and family activities throughout the month ensures they don't lose sight of the big picture in day-to-day activities.

Find out more about Rosie's color coding planning hack, tips for short term and long-term planning, plus how they balance running a business and family on the PS Blog or shop Rosie's must-haves for purposeful planning below.

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Perfect Planner for Maman

Elisa Marshall & Ben Sormonte

Elisa Marshall & Ben Sormonte


Business partners, Elisa and Ben, have had to be proactive planners while also being open to possibilities of life's spontaneity every day. As co-owners of Maman, each have different responsibilities and their own personal planning style. Ben appreciates simplicity and functionality in reviewing key milestones, while Elisa prefers to start each day off with a new plan to achieve her goals. Both however, infuse their personal style in the planning tools they use.

Learn more about Elisa and Ben's personal planning style and how it is reflected in their cafes on the PS Blog or shop their functional and chic planning accessories below.

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