Besties Book

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A fully illustrated celebration of female friendship by Leah Reena Goren is a gift, a thank-you note, and a love letter all in one. Besties smartly captures all the reasons why best friends are the best: they help you make decisions, are there through rough patches, and will always be your +1 for awkward parties. Even more than that, best friends are the people with whom dearest memories are shared, whether trivial or meaningful.

In a style that is at turns both sweet and quirky, celebrated indie artist Leah Goren illustrates the many ways in which close friendships withstand the test of time, cross-country moves, failed romantic relationships, and silly arguments. Featuring whimsical artwork and a sincere message, this is the book friends both young and mature will want to give each other to show their appreciation. Hardcover, 96 pages.

Size - 5.75" x 7.25"