Bunny Easter Bundle

11" x 11" x 4"
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We've carefully crafted the ultimate gift bundle to ensure your little one's Easter is overflowing with joy. Our Bunny Basket Bundle includes:

—an adorable Bowtie Bunny Felt Bag
—a super-soft Hedgehog plush
—an Easter Egg Sticker Book
—a cute and fuzzy wind-up bunny
—a squishy ball
—a magic ring (assorted colors) good for hours of fun every day
—a bunny in pink, purple, blue, or yellow (color will vary by order) that "poops" jelly beans
—and two packs of green, pink, and yellow paper shred

If you'd like to add a goodie or two of your own to the basket, there's some space leftover. Save big! Sold separately, the items in this awesome easter bundle cost $62.60.