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Get your game on with our selection of kids’ toys and games from Paper Source! We offer craft toys, learning and educational toys, action toys, plush toys and much more for all ages and players. Here’s an idea, make your next family game night competitive! Take a pick from our variety of games and make sure to award the winner with a prize from our selection of toys. On a more playful note, entertain yourself or the young ones for hours with a puzzle, board game, or crafting kit. We have the best selection of educational toys for kids, stem toys for kids, and fun games for learning and for parties. For the kid at heart, check out our selection of adult games and puzzles. Play, learn, and laugh with our selection of toys and games at Paper Source.

What toys are popular these days?

Shop kids’ toys at Paper Source for a wide variety of the most popular toys including plush stuffed animals, LEGOS, putty, tablets, Tamagotchi, games, balls, microphones and more!

Should a 12-year-old still play with toys?

Yes, playing with toys at 12 years old is completely normal. There is no true age when children outgrow playing with toys and they can help in development. In fact, most adults also enjoy playing with toys!

What are examples of toys and games?

Examples of toys and games include puzzles, board games, card games, plushes and stuffed animals, crayons, dolls, trucks and action figures.

What toys do my kids really need?

Toys that help your child to develop can be great to keep on your toy shelf or in your toy storage bins. Puzzles and building blocks can help your child develop problem solving skills, balance and geometry. Play fabrics, decorations, musical instruments and art supplies can help spark creativity. Sensory toys can be a great addition to help engage and develop the five senses. Of course, books are always great to have to teach the alphabet, vocabulary and life lessons.

What is the 20 toy rule?

The 20 toy rule advises that you let your child choose 20 toys to play with over a set period of time, e.g. a week, and you put the rest away. The 20 toy rule has been proven to be very useful to create more intentional play time and reduce clutter around the house.

How do I decide what toys to get rid of for my child?

It can be hard to decide what toys to get rid of, but here are some helpful ideas for choosing which toys to declutter. If a toy is worn out, it can be tossed out. If it is unused or you have more than one, take it to a local donation center. If your child has outgrown a particular toy, give it to a younger child who can use it.

How many toys should a kid own?

While there is no set rule about how many kids a toy should own, it is recommended that you be intentional about which toys your child owns by choosing toys that will aid in your child’s development such as educational toys, learning games, and sensory toys.

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