Challenger Enneagram 8 Candle

6 oz
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Our personalities are so much more than a number, but the Enneagram can certainly help us level-up our understanding of them! Packaged in a giftable box with a brief number description and a QR code to learn more, this is not only a candle, but a way to learn more about yourself!

Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive. Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering. Eights feel they must control their environment, especially people, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Eights typically have problems with their tempers and with allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

  • Candle by Paddywax
  • Enneagram 8 Traits: Dominating, self-confident, decisive, confrontational
  • Scent: Incense & SmokeVolume: 6 oz