Floral Tumbler

8" tall; 24 oz
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Did you know that clean drinking water provides women the opportunity to receive education and the ability to financially support their families? Our partnership with World Help is transforming entire communities for the better. Instead of walking miles to access fresh water each day, new water wells give women the freedom to build a new life and ultimately, change the cycle of poverty. With your purchase of this tumbler, communities are rescued from dehydration and diseases, children and women have the opportunity for education, and the ability to rebuild an entire community begins.
Be an agent of change with this gorgeous floral tumbler. 25% of the profit of each purchase is donated to WorldHelp, a charity that provides clean drinking water to families and communities around the world. Be a part of a worthy cause by choosing this sophisticated and stylish bottle as your go-to tumbler. This product is vacuum-insulated and will keep your drink cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12. Holds 24 fluid oz. Created by CAUS x Paper Source.