Lucky Tickets For The Graduate: 12 Gift Coupons

4" x 0.25" x 6.75"
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Gifting gold! This booklet of shiny tickets is full of fun ways to celebrate the grad's achievements and toast to their bright future. This latest addition to the Lucky Ticket series is a thoughtful gift for grads. Inside are twelve gilded tickets redeemable for sweet surprises like a day of post-achievement destressing, or a stroll through memory lane to remind the graduate of how far they've come.

Add a personal touch: Each ticket offers space on the back to add a personal touch, and the booklet includes one blank ticket that you can fill in with your own customized surprise.

Give all at once or individually: The tickets are easily removable, so you can give them out one at a time or give the whole booklet at once. You can even team up with friends and family and give one ticket from each person!