Mindfulness Bundle

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Get in tune with your spiritual side with this box of goodies. This carefully curated collection of products comes at a great price and is the perfect gift for those in your life looking for a little cosmic balance. Mindfulness, peace, and balance awaits. Bundle includes:

—Karma, a fresh-scented soy candle to clear the air of all bad energy
—A Daily Oracle book, which guides you through each day with a thoughtful affirmation
—Himalayan Salt Crystals to purify, restore, and soothe during a warm, relaxing bath
—The Written in the Stars Weekly Pad to help you stay up-to-date on everything from weekly goals to the next time Mercury is in retrograde
—An Aquamarine Good Vibes Bracelet that calms and quiets the mind to improve intuition and self-expression

Bundle comes perfectly gift-wrapped in a gold-foil striped box with white and iridescent shred paper.