That's How We Roll Set

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This dice game set includes everything you need to get uncomfortably competitive with your friends and family. Seriously, we all know Grandma is cheating. Why do we let her get away with it? What's the point of even playing then? Ahem. Anyway…Inside, you'll find: 26 uniquely designed dice and a cup for shaking; an instruction book, explaining 30 different games in detail (from Farkle to Balut—and everything in between); a scorepad to keep track of (and rub in) your wins; and a pre-sharpened pencil, ready for scoring (not stabbing). Includes everything you need to play (and dominate) 30 different dice games…but who's keeping score anyway? You are. That's who.

  • Includes: 26 Dice, Dice Cup, Hardcover Rule Book, Scorepad, Pencil