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Be a Micro-Angelo! This itty-bitty STEAM kit delivers the paints, tools, and techniques you need to make, frame, and display miniature masterpieces.

Experiment with brush strokes and learn how to mix colors like a pro. Make illuminated letters, create abstract art, paint with stencils, and brew up your own natural watercolor paints. Discover the science of color and the history of watercolor art. Then display your work on the teensy easel!

Tiny Art!’s artist-quality components, including the imported watercolor pencils, wood brushes, and textured watercolor paper, will inspire your inner artist, unleashing greater potential, creativity, and fun! Stencils and metallic paints make it easy to create works you’ll want to display and share.

As you paint, you’ll learn the history of watercolor paints—from 45,000-year-old cave art to medieval illuminated manuscripts to Beatrix Potter. You’ll also learn what pigments are, what makes watercolor paint special, how the anatomy of your eye works to interpret color, and more.