Hair On The Floor Love Card

4.25" x 5.5"
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This card captures true love. Card reads, "Thank you for loving me even though my hair is always all over the bathroom floor." Letterpress. Blank inside. Paired with matching envelope. By Miss Print Paper, LLC.

Staff Recommended! "On a Thursday evening in July an associate and myself were processing shipment when we heard a woman say, 'OMG, my card!!' We were like, 'Yay!!!, you found a card!!!'
Then she say, 'NO...I made this card...It's mine!!'
It was sooooo exciting to meet a creator of a card. Come to find out, she lives in our community.
This encounter caused goosebumps for me. To see someone who has worked so hard for something and to see the moment of all that hard work to come to fruition was spectacular." - Cristi, Indianapolis