How To Order Custom Holiday Cards

It's the most wonderful time of the year - time to start thinking about your holiday cards! Receiving updates from friends and family in the form of a holiday card is just another reason to love the holidays. However, the task of sending out your own is less appealing. We're here to help you walk through the process, and hopefully make it a little more enjoyable.


The first step in making your holiday cards is choosing your design. We've got a wide selection of holiday card designs for you to choose from, whether it be a photo card or a holiday greeting card.

Once you've decided, you'll first be prompted to decide on a quantity. After this, you can customize the front of your card with your own message and desired font. Each card comes with a sample message, but here you have the freedom to change the font, color, size, spacing and alignment for your text. Just highlight your text and click on your selection to make the changes to your card.

For photo cards, this is also the page to upload your image (.jpg and .png files are best). Once you've uploaded your photo, you can zoom in and out, rotate, and drag it to position as desired. If you decide you want a different photo, you can hover over your picture and click on the up arrow to upload a new one.

Next, you have the option to customize the back of your card. Each card has a few options to choose from for the back of the design. Decide on the back of your card and customize it to make it your own.

After this, you are offered a couple of envelope options. Choose from a selection of colors and select your quantity. You can leave your envelopes blank or have a return address printed on the flap of each envelope. The text font, size, color and alignment can be edited to your liking.


Next, review your order. This is your chance to make sure everything is correct. This is your chance to make sure that everything is correct before ordering. You can view previews of the front, back and envelope of your design and review the quantity. If everything looks good, click on the box to indicate your approval and add it to your bag. If you see something you'd like to change, you can click on "previous" to go back and make changes. You also have the option to "save for later" and return to your design at a later date.


Once your design is in your bag, you're ready to order! But before you do, take a look at our festive papers and embellishments to make your cards filled with even more holiday cheer.

We have a selection of wraps and fine papers that can be used to create envelope liners. To help you with this process, we also have a handy Envelope Liner Template Kit available.

An easy and mess-free way to decorate your cards is with washi tape and stickers. Consider using Red Reindeer on Gold Washi Tape or Luxe Gold Glitter Tape to seal your envelopes. We've also got a selection of adorable holiday stickers like the Santa and Gold Reindeer Stickers, Skiing Dog Stickers, Happy Trees Stickers and many more!

For your return address, we've got you covered. One quick and cost-effective option to use printable labels. Once you have your labels, you can go to our Label Printing Guide which will guide you along the process of printing your labels off at home. Or design and purchase custom return address labels or custom return stamps on our site! Once your card is sealed, address it using some creative hand lettering. Or use our Lettermate Addressing Tool to make the process easier. The Uniball Gold or White gel pens look great on red envelopes.


After finding some fun materials to embellish your card with, it's time to review your order one last time and have your completed holiday cards and supplies delivered to your door!

For more information on how to take your holiday cards to your next level, take a look at this post with ideas for personalizing your holiday cards.