National Card and Letter Writing Month

April 1st - 30th

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Paper Source has teamed up with The Happiness Project author, Gretchen Rubin, to foster connection through letterwriting for the month of April.

  • Get your words flowing with daily prompts from Paper Source and The Happiness Project author, Gretchen Rubin
  • Awaken your creativity with our stationery inspiration​
  • Share your participation with #papersource and #Write24in24

Daily Prompts

Day 1
Write a letter to one of your oldest friends

Day 2
Write a loving haiku and mail it to a family member​

Day 3
Write a letter to someone you’re grateful for​​

Day 4
Send a letter to a friend or family member about an animal important to you both​

Day 5
Write a letter to yourself that lists things you’ve accomplished in the last week​

Day 6
Send an invitation to someone to go on a big or small adventure with you​

Day 7
Create a schedule for your dream day and mail it to someone, asking them to share it with you​

Day 8
Line an envelope with an old calendar page and write a letter to a friend reminiscing about the time you spent with them that month​

Day 9
Write a letter to someone who was kind to you during a tough time​

Day 10
Buy a postcard of one of your favorite artworks and mail to someone who’d appreciate it​

Day 11
Decorate your own postcard using stickers or stamps and send to a friend​

Day 12
Write a silly limerick and send it to a child

Day 13
Write a letter nominating someone for recognition or an award​

Day 14
Send a thank-you note to someone who has invited you to an event​

Day 15
Copy a favorite quotation, decorate it, and mail to someone who will appreciate it​

Day 16
Write a letter of thanks to a parental figure in your life ​

Day 17
Create a five-senses portrait of someone to whom you’re close, then mail it to them ​

Day 18
Find an article or image that makes you think of a friend, and mail it off ​

Day 19
Write a playlist of your ten favorite songs to mail to a music-loving friend​

Day 20
Write a letter to your future-self and set it aside to read on the last day of the year​

Day 21
Send a note to someone about a funny memory you share​

Day 22
Make your own DIY envelope and send someone a note​

Day 23
Write a letter of thanks to someone whose advice changed your life​

Day 24
Compose a thank-you note to a teacher from your past​

Day 25
Start a letter-writing tradition; for instance, on the last day of every month, write a postcard to someone you love​

Day 26
Write a letter to your past self and store it in a drawer to read in the future​

Day 27
Write a letter to your congressperson about an issue that’s important to you​

Day 28
Write a fan letter to an author, actor, athlete, artist, or volunteer whose work you admire ​

Day 29
Create a flat origami heart and put it in the mail to someone​

Day 30
Write an angry letter of complaint or resentment–then rip it up!

Stationery Inspiration

Write 24 in 2024 with Gretchen Rubin

Photo Credit: Austin Walsh

Gretchen Rubin is one of today’s most influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature. She’s the author of many bestselling books, including The Happiness Project. She discusses happiness and good habits with her sister on her podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and helps people track their happiness-boosting habits with her award-winning app, Happier.

Each year on the podcast, she and her sister suggest the annual challenge to give themselves and listeners a practical, manageable way to boost happiness and build habits that year.

This year, the challenge is “Write 24 in 2024.” Write for 2 to 4 minutes— or for 24 minutes— every day in 2024.

For the month of April, she is teaming up with Paper Source to focus on letter writing. To learn more about Happier and get letter writing prompts in your inbox every day this month, visit