Recipient Addressing FAQ

What is Recipient Addressing?

Recipient addressing is a service Paper Source provides by digitally printing a list of mailing addresses onto the front of envelopes, replacing the need to handwrite individual addresses. We can also print a return address on the envelope flap.
It is useful for mailing everything from holiday cards to wedding invitations - any occasion where you are mailing something to a list of recipients!

How do I order?

If you have ordered, or plan to order your cards at a Paper Source location near you, please visit or call/email your local store for instructions on how to provide your list of contacts to them. If you are ordering your cards on our website, please follow these steps:

  • Get your address list together—you'll need all of your addresses ready to place your recipient address printing order online.
    Download the Recipient Addressing CSV Template.
    Input your addresses into the template. Do not change the format of the template or the columns.
    Save the template as a CSV.
  • Place your order on our website.
    Choose a card or invitation to personalize.
    Select your envelopes and printing on the front and/or back.
    Style your envelopes choosing the desired font and ink colors.
    Add your addresses to be printed to our Address Book Manager by uploading the CSV template you populated.
    Alternatively, you can type individual addresses into the Address Book Manager.
  • Once you place your order on our website, your recipient address printing order will be processed and printed.
    Please ensure you review your addresses thoroughly upon submission.

Please note: If you ordered a wedding invitation along with recipient address printing, your invitations and printed envelopes will be processed and shipped separately. You will receive an email proof of your invitation, however your printed envelopes will go straight to print.

How do I complete the CSV template?

  • Display Name: Enter your guests' names as you would like them to be printed.
  • Address Line 1: Enter the street address.
  • Address Line 2 (Optional): Used for apartment or suite numbers.
  • City: Enter the city.
  • State/Region: Enter the state exactly as you would like it to be printed, either an abbreviation or fully spelled out.
  • Postal/Zip Code: Enter the zip code. Use an apostrophe before a zip code that begins with a leading zero (e.g. '01234) so the zero does not drop off.
  • Country (Optional): Enter the country if desired. Leave blank if you don't want a country printed.

Can you accommodate for international addresses?

Yes. Utilize the Country field on the template to list the country name.

Do I need to follow your template exactly?

Yes. Please do not add or delete columns.

How long will it take?

You can expect your printed envelopes 3 to 4 business days plus shipping time after you submit your order online. To check the status of your order, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-888-PAPER11.

Will Paper Source verify my addresses?

We will verify that the correct template was used, but we will not check spelling. Please ensure that you submitted viable mailing addresses!

What envelope sizes and liners are available?

A7 and A9 envelopes in various colors. Envelope liners are also available.

What print methods are available?

Recipient addressing is only available in digital printing.

What if I need to submit a correction?

We are not able to accept changes to your address list once you place your order. For questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-888-PAPER11.

Will my invitations and envelopes ship altogether?

Your invitations or printed cards may ship separately from your printed envelopes.

Can I also include blank envelopes?

Yes! To receive additional blank envelopes, choose an envelope quantity that is greater than the number of addresses you want to print. For example, if you order 40 envelopes and provide 30 addresses, you will receive 30 envelopes with addresses printed on the front and 10 envelopes that are blank on the front. If you order return addressing, your return address will be printed on the back of all 40 envelopes.