1. Craft a Cute Pouch

    DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 5

    When we added canvas pouches to our collection, we were excited with the challenge of crafting these blank canvases into pouches that matched our personalities. Follow the steps below to transform your pouches into picture perfect accessories or put your own spin on it!

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  2. Carving your own stamp

    There are few things better than a lazy Saturday morning, sitting in a sunny spot at my kitchen table, with my favorite mug (enough brew for two refills), plus plenty of room to craft!

    One of my favorite craft projects is stamp carving! Once I learned how to carve my own stamps out of these easy to use soft rubber stamp blocks, I’ve become a bit enamored with all that you can create.

    stamp carving

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  3. Go ahead…color outside the lines!

    Part of the fun of being creative is having the opportunity to play with some old favorites, but in a new way. Faber-Castell Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils have long been a favorite of mine and I was thrilled when we picked up this set of 12 colors. Here’s an easy way to create fun stationery or note cards with just a rubber stamp, ink pad, Aquash Water Brush and these colored pencils. The five quick steps below will show you how to make any ordinary image a bit more like magic.

    1. Ink Your Stamp: Select a rubber stamp with some open space for fill in opportunities and room for things to flow outside the lines! This little Dandelion Rubber Stamp is one of my favorites. Ink up your stamp with Black Color Box Inkpad.

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  4. Learn card making tricks from the pros!

    Like you, we know how much fun it is making cards for those special occasions, where your own imagination is the secret ingredient! This Thursday’s Creative Card Making Collection Workshop offers the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn plenty of easy tips and tricks for layering, embossing, and fill-in ideas that will last you a lifetime. We’ll have an assortment of rubber stamps, ink pads, cards and envelopes to get you started – you’ll leave with a stash of cards and the skills to create even more on your own!

    Here are a few card samples using some of our new bold colors along with card making techniques we’re sure you’ll love! Most of these designs sprang from the creative minds of our amazing sample making “dynamic duo,” Annie and Claudia, who never cease to wow me with their clean and playful style.

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  5. Rubber stamping with powdered sugar

    One of the most stylish gals I have ever met is getting married in June, so it was not surprising to receive a gorgeous peacock-inspired wedding invitation, which set the tone for what is sure to be a beautiful night in the Virgin Islands. There was also no surprise in discovering that the blues and greens used in her wedding suite provided ample inspiration for this weekend’s bridal shower in her honor.

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  6. Carve your own stamps…magic!

    I am just crazy about carving my own stamps – especially with soft Speedball stamp blocks. I used a Speedy Stamp Carving Kit and a few extra stamp blocks to create the two designs shown below. I drew the flower and lined notebook page designs, then carved them out. Since then I have used them on all kinds of fun projects – creating stationery, using fabric paints to print on aprons, and making favor boxes for a friend’s b-day. So cute, if I do say so myself! Combine them with a few stamp pads and Cat’s Eye Inkpads for real creative magic!

    Carve your own stamps
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  7. You asked for it – Crafting Studio!

    We want to provide you more playtime in our stores! Honestly, isn’t that what creating is all about? Getting so lost in the “play” of a project that you feel, when you resurface, both invigorated and proud. We love that our customers have asked us for more play time, it gave US a chance to create something too! Like our new Crafting Studio – the perfect balance of time to craft on your own combined with our instruction on quick techniques. At our one hour Wednesday night Crafting Studios, we’ll feature select products or specific projects, provide some keen tips, and then allow about 30 minutes to simply play. You’ll love…

    • The minimal time commitment (yes, we are all time crunched)
    • That they’re really affordable (all excuses removed!) at only $15 per person

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  8. How to clean rubber stamps

    While it might seem obvious, cleaning rubber stamps does need to be done and with care to prolong the life of your stamps. Whether you’re an avid stamper or just a periodic user, you should learn how to clean rubber stamps.

    A simple way to clean rubber stamps is by using a spray bottle with luke warm water. You don’t need to add soap to the water as long as you are using a water-soluble ink such as Color Box, Versa Mark, Versa Magic or Brilliance stamp pads. Spritz water onto the rubber portion of the stamp and dab with a paper towel. It’s important to dab at the rubber stamp, and not to scrub it – repeated scrubbing, even if not done aggressively may loosen the rubber from the stamp block. Although you can use water, do not clean your stamps by running water over them (e.g. in the sink) – too much water in contact with your entire stamp can degrade the adhesive that binds the stamp to the block eventually causing it to fall apart.

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  9. How-to: cloud 9 valentine card

    Make your own valentine

    With rubber stamps, labels and super cute googly eyes, making homemade valentine cards is easy as can be. Take this idea and substitute with your favorite Valentine rubber stamps and stamp pad colors. Be careful, googly eyes are totally addicting…you’ll be sticking them to everything before you know it!

    – Claudia
    PS colors: curry & fuchsia
    Latest fave: Mini Magnolia Paper Flower Kit

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  10. Personalized gift wrap as seen on the Today Show & InStyle Magazine

    Today Show Paper Source feature

    In their December issue, InStyle featured Paper Source rubber stamps to make personalized gift wrap. We thought their idea of using Alphabet Rubber Stamps to personalize wrapping paper for the recipient was clever – and so did NBC’s Today Show (click to view), who picked up the feature as a segment on their December 2nd broadcast! We were thrilled to see Paper Source product on national television, but more importantly, we love that they were inspired by the idea of creating personalized gift wrapping – a unique and affordable project.

    Using our solid roll wraps and upper or lower case Old Claude Letter Rubber Stamps you can create a personalized gift package that highlights the recipient’s name, as well as their personality by using their favorite colors. Homemade wrapping paper is not limited to one’s initials – rubber stamp with icons that remind you of the recipient, their hobbies, or passions. For the Francophile, consider the Eiffel Tower Rubber Stamp or Fleur de Lis Rubber Stamps; for the gardener, a lovely leaf or flower rubber stamp; for the chef, the whimsical Silverware Rubber Stamp; and for kids, well, the sky’s the limit!

    We hope you too will be inspired to create simple, cost effective wrapping paper that really speaks to your friends and family, just as much as the thoughtful gift inside!

    P.S. Be sure to give the rubber stamp as part of the gift!

    CBS Early Show Paper Source featureP.P.S. While on the subject, also check us out on the CBS Early Show (click to view) where Real Simple features our 2010 Paper Source Mini Calendar as a great gift under $10!

    — Cindy
    PS colors: pool & red
    Latest fave: Dutch Woodcut Floral Wrapping Paper