Gray Malin is an internationally renowned fine art photographer whose work combines the spirit of travel, adventure, luxury and artistry. Learn more and get an inside look behind the brand with our exclusive Meet the Maker interview.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles and a father to one-year-old boy and girl twins. I have shot collections around the world in locations as remote as Antarctica and Bhutan, as well as aerial beach, ski, and park scenes of the world’s most iconic destinations. I have also photographed historic properties including The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Parker Palm Springs Hotel, The Little Nell in Aspen and The Breakers Palm Beach.

Transforming my work into a larger lifestyle brand with the philosophy to Make Every Day a Getaway®, I have expanded my fine art photography into a line of luxury products, including puzzles, trays, books, and a new stationery collection of notecards, pens, and notebooks.

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What inspired your photography and the unique, whimsical perspectives of your shoots?

As a fine art photographer, my primary goal is to create work that is both timeless and brings happiness to its viewer. All of my collections have their own unique personality and story, yet all aim to be timeless. I find inspiration in anything and everything, whether it be a trip to a museum, an iconic destination, or something as simple as a balloon floating in the air. Typically, an idea pops into my mind and then I just keep thinking about it until it evolves into a reality. Each concept ignites an adventure, traversing the globe to bring my inspired visions to life, with the ultimate goal of someone hanging an incredible moment on his or her wall to endlessly enjoy. 


What is your favorite collection and why?

Though I don’t have a favorite collection, I especially appreciate the collections that were the most challenging to plan and shoot.  One example is my Far Far Away series, which I shot at the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia.  Salar de Uyuni is an incredibly intriguing landscape and a perfect canvas for conceptual work, as the color temperature nears 7,000 kelvins, making objects appear brighter and colors more vibrant than normal.  Combining an emphasis of color theory with unexpected shapes, objects, and animals, this collection of whimsical photographs is really unique and very special to me.


I also really love the sense of wanderlust evoked by my aerial photography, photographed from a doorless helicopter around the world on six continents. From above, a simple beach, park, or mountain becomes a blank canvas that allows me to see the world as art. The resulting photographs are a visual celebration, capturing the pure joyfulness of being at the beach or a day at the park or hitting the slopes during a winter holiday.  Endlessly inspired by the spirit of travel and adventure, I continue to travel the world to add to this collection.


What advice do you have when investing in art pieces for your home?

I truly believe that art can transform any space or room.  By investing in artwork that energizes and transports you, your space will come to life in ways you may have never expected.  Whether you choose a print that emotes a feeling of calm or vibrant energy, there’s no doubt that it will provide a daily escape, no matter where you are. For more information, here is a recent blog post with five reasons to invest in fine art photography and why it’s an investment you’ll never regret!


What adventure do you see next for the Gray Malin brand?

My true passion is fine art photography, so I always look forward to shooting new work in beautiful location and properties around the world. Next up will be aerial images over one of my absolute favorite destinations: the stunning and awe-inspiring coast of New Zealand.

As an interior design enthusiast, I also can’t wait to continue expanding my lifestyle brand by adding more products for home and travel.  I would love to create an entire world of Gray Malin, that includes everything you could ever want or need for entertaining and decorating your home.


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