The Paper Source motto is “Do Something Creative Every Day”, and we have some very lucky folks here who get to live this out making handmade greeting cards for a living. If you’ve visited our stores, you’ve seen our greeting card wall full of funny, thoughtful and lovely cards. Among these you’ll find Paper Source greeting cards assembled by our team in Chicago – each one is truly a masterpiece (below are a few holiday cards available in stores now).

Paper Source handmade holiday cards

Here at our headquarters we have a team of holiday card elves who are responsible for these wonderful creations. These talented, patient and just plain nice ladies make each and every assembled greeting card by hand for all seasonal holidays.

Paper Source card elves

Here they are in action this week making Mother’s Day cards for 2010. Can you believe that they place every embellishment on every card by hand? Now you see why I call them patient!

Creating handmade cards

Stickles on handmade cards

The whole process from card concept to finished product takes a few months. And in the end, you get to give a unique card that you know was handmade with plenty of TLC. It’s the next best thing to making cards yourself!

–Gretchen, PS Buying Team
PS colors: fuchsia & moss
Latest fave: PS Wall Art Calendar


6 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    I made custom handmade wedding invitations for many years, so I can appreciate all of the hard work that goes into each and every handmade card. Very lovely ladies!!

  2. Wonderful! How can I become part of that team~they rock! 🙂

  3. Veronica says:

    I am so happy that you all take the time to give these ladies their well deserved kudos! Being a paper source fanatic, I am sure we all share the love that these ladies bring us through their cards. Thank you for doing a wonderful and very creative job! We love the cards, and keep those cards coming!

  4. That would be a dream job, having access to all the beautiful papers and tools at Paper Source!!

  5. Geralyn Gray says:

    I love this!!!!!!!! Lately, I have a real appreciation of letterpress and handmade cards. Ladies thanks for making these beautiful cards!!!!!!

  6. Rod Brearley says:

    very sweet post