When “Mr. Fix-it” himself, Lou Manfredini, and his crew came to film a crafting segment at our new Chicago store on Southport, I found myself with quite the crafting challenge.

To begin a project, I find it is best to consider the audience, including the person for whom the party, gathering or project is built around. In this case, Lou Manfredini is a contractor with a love of all things DIY. His audience is a mix of men and women who love to learn lots of interesting tips and time savers. And, since several of his segments also include food, what better way to inspire a project for both he and his audience then to find a way to marry all of those elements together?

With a quick call to my brother Bob (a contractor and big fan of Lou’s) to get blue print paper; a stop at the local hardware store for wingnuts (yes, you read that right), a few carpenter pencils and some old-school folding rulers; as well as a stop for some interesting wine, I was set for a “crafting throw down,” combining the perfect blend of contractor ingredients with some PS style! Yes folks, we were going to have Lou creating a bold, colorful wine and cheese tasting party in honor of his newly built wine cellar. (Hypothetically speaking, but after this project I think Lou might give some thought to the possibility of adding a new cellar!)

PS_Wine_Tasting_Craft2 The persimmon suite features an A9 wine tasting card, ideal for guests to provide comments on the wines, which are wrapped in 8 ½” x 11” sheets and printed in an elementary school style font on superfine soft white. These wrapped bottles are intended for blind tasting of wines from his “new cellar” collection.

Table tents were used to layer corresponding numbers for the rows of wines, and ribbon-tied carpenter pencils added a fun visual element. The finishing touches were a folding ruler for holding the place cards and a little wing nut adornment for conversation. Also displayed are the square invite and the hole-punch accented diagonal enclosure.

You can watch Lou & Linda get crafty on NBC, Saturday, November 13 at 5:30 a.m. (for those early birds) and Sunday, November 14 at 11:30 a.m.. Check your local station programming times for House Smarts before setting the DVR.

Check out some shots from the filming of the segment, and visit our local Chicago Southport team to say welcome to the neighborhood!

Linda & Lou Prepping

Segment preparations by Linda

The Crew: Bobby (Cameraman), Linda, Regan (Producer), Chris (Sound)

The Crew: Bobby (Cameraman), Linda, Regan (Producer), Chris (Sound)

Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit from behind the scenes! That’s a wrap!

PS colors: paper bag & persimmon
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