CertifiKID, a deal website that helps parents find fun activities to do with their kids on a budget, sent MOM Squad ambassador Stacy Gordon and her daughter to Kids Art Camp here at Paper Source. Here is Stacy’s Real Mom Review about their experience:


My 7-year-old daughter and I had the chance to try a day of camp at Paper Source in Bethesda, Maryland! This is a great 2-hour camp for anyone with a crafty child.

We walked in and were brought back to the camp tables. My daughter was given a seat and items to make her name tag while I filled out the sign-in sheet with my information and emergency contact numbers. Everyone was sweet and friendly! The tables were filled with colored pencils, stickers, markers, sharpies, push stamps, paint and paint brushes. It was a crafty kids dream come true.

Once my daughter finished her name tag, she was able to use some watercolors to paint a unicorn. Who doesn’t love a unicorn?! Each child was given the chance to let their creativity shine through. There were two teachers, one at each table helping the kids.

After that warm-up, the instructors explained that the kids would be making accordion memory books. They were super cute! Each child was given their own book and paper to cover the ends. The teachers went around with glue and helped anyone who needed it. Everyone was very hands-on and no one was left out. It was great to see!

Once both ends of the accordion memory book were covered, the kids were asked to pick out a ribbon of their choosing for their book. My daughter chose a color close to Tiffany blue. They explained where to place the ribbon and glue it down so it would work best. They glued their ribbon and then placed the accordion center in with glue. The instructors went around helping and checking on each camper.

After everyone’s book was ready, they showed the example that had already been made and handed out little envelopes if anyone wanted to glue them in. This was the time to let the creative juices flow! My daughter was in her happy place, stamping away and cutting adorable papers to fill her accordion memory book! They had the cutest printed scrapbooking papers, some with ice cream cones, lemons, mermaids and so much more. The campers were able to work on their books for more than an hour.

While my daughter was decorating to her heart’s desire, I checked out Paper Source. It’s a crafty momma’s dream! The store has so much to offer, including camp. They have lots of adorable items for sale and basically anything you could imagine for scrapbooking or making a cute project.

We loved everything about Paper Source. My daughter loved that she could let her creativity flow without making a cookie cutter project which I often see with school art projects. She was free to decorate as much or as little as she wanted. As a mom, I loved that I could browse the location for gifts while she was in camp!

Recommended Age Range for the Activity

My daughter is 7 years old. I’d highly recommend this camp for ages 6 and up. The campers at my daughter’s table ranged in age from 6 to 13.

Would Your Family Visit Again?

We will definitely be back to visit! After camp was finished we were also given a 10% off coupon on our next purchase! It’s a great store with friendly staff and so much to choose from!

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