As a leader of two business and a family of six, simplifying life has been a key strategy for Marie Tillman’s success.  This approach helps Marie stay true to the person she aspires to be and the life she wants to live.


Marie’s first entrepreneurial journey began with the passing of her husband, Pat Tillman for whom she started a non-profit organization providing academic scholarships to both military veterans and their spouses.  Her goal was to help simplify their lives and help create opportunities as they returned to civilian life.

Marie has now added Founder and CEO of Mac & Mia to her list of entrepreneurial successes.  Having five children (with five different clothing needs), the daily task of choosing outfits had been a challenge.  Therefore, Marie was inspired to create a more simplified routine. Her solution was Mac & Mia, a curated children’s clothing service delivering styled outfit selections directly to your door.  Started in her home, Mac & Mia now has a full team including forty stylists across the country on a mission to bring style and quality to busy families.


With her busy family life and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, Marie uses organizational accessories to stay on top of things.  Black & White Washi Tape and her favorite Good Vibes Happy Planner Sticker Set keep Marie on track for the day, allowing her to focus on what matters most – the people and teams that she leads.  Knowing what her upcoming schedule looks like allows Marie to be flexible when plans change and helps her recognize when to ask for help. Marie strives to always be contributing to something larger in life.  She uses the Collection of Brilliant Quotations Notepad to stay motivated in this mission.  Furthermore, she surrounds herself with a team that is empowered to contribute their own skills and drive projects forward. Through keeping things simple and streamlined, Marie’s passion for her business and family was able to ignite her path to success.



Marie’s journey is accompanied with gratitude for the opportunities she has and for the people in her life. Her family has started writing down things they are grateful for in their Make Your Mark Journal before they go to bed each night. Marie also maintains the simple act of writing thank you cards.  She uses the Vintage Marquis Letterpress Thank You Card Set to write letters of appreciation for contributions made to her non-profit.



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