Happy Holidays! Yes, here in the Paper Source Recruitment Department I am focused on getting our stores staffed for the busy holiday season. I love reading blog entries written by our staff that start with “I have the best job ever!” I have to agree, and in my role as Field Recruiter, I get the fun of speaking about this amazing brand to many people each week. My job requires reading lots and lots of resumes, and what keeps this routine task fun and exciting is finding cover letters from our best candidates who often become employees – OUR CUSTOMERS. I can feel the passion when someone writes that they just attended a workshop and quickly got online to apply for a position – they tell me, “I just have to work here! I was so inspired by the creative process and all of the associates look like they have so much fun at work with the customers.” It makes me goosepimply, if that is a word!

When I interview candidates I look for PASSION, INSPIRATION, CREATIVITY and SERVICE! We truly hire people with a passion for our beautiful product, those who can inspire others to be creative, and most importantly, understand that the customer is always the first priority! We invest in our employees with great training and a culture that promotes from within. What other small retailer will have opened up 8 new stores this year, and has 12 more planned to open in 2011?



I recently interviewed a customer for a position – sitting in front of me, she was all jittery and I thought she was just nervous, but the first thing she said to me was, “I cannot believe I am interviewing with Paper Source.” It had been a dream of hers to work here, but she had heard that it was a difficult place to get into. In part she is correct – it is a difficult place to get into, but let me tell you, that’s what makes our store staff so successful.

So I ask you, wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with our beautiful, expressive and quirky product, and be touched by what you can inspire others to create? Wouldn’t a generous merchandise discount during the holidays be just JOLLY?

Stop in at your local Paper Source store and speak with a member of their management team about seasonal hiring opportunities or apply online for your favorite store location.

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13 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    I would love to work at Paper Source… but sadly there is no store in Michigan. (wink…wink…)

  2. georgine says:

    Since you are planning so many new stores, maybe you will open one in the Western Suburbs? Geneva would really like to have a Paper Source (OK, I would really like a Paper Source close by – St. Charles, Batavia – even the dreaded Naperville would be closer. And, I would definitely apply for a job. I give great customer service, love your product and would only become more creative working at the Paper Source! Love the store, love the blog. Thanks for it all!

  3. Betsy says:

    I wish I could work at Paper-Source too. Unfortunately I live in Kentucky and the closest one is in Chicago. 🙁

  4. Leslie Ann says:

    I only wish there was a Paper Source anywhere near me. Too bad I don’t think you’re going to set up shop in Iuka, Mississippi anytime soon. But if you, give me a call. I’ll be there 🙂

  5. Morgan says:

    So, SO tempting!!

  6. Tam says:

    Please, please, please open one in Sacramento, CA!

  7. gwen says:

    where will the new stores be? any plans for grand rapids michigan?

  8. Marci says:

    Would love to work at a PS store…come to New Haven, CT!!!!

  9. Peter says:

    I’ve learned that in the age of eMail, people really respond to a hand-written letter. I’m truly impressed by everything about the new Studio City Paper Source: beautiful store, charming staff, great products! Studio City will never be the same!

  10. Aggie says:

    I will apply once you decide to open a PS in Northern Jersey. The closest one is in Princeton and that’s a hike. I have to shop online. (OK, I go to DC twice a year – so I stop at the one in Georgetown.)

  11. Donna Wagner says:

    Awesome tips, i used to work at a craft store and nothing would make me happier than to work at a Paper Source store…so, when are you moving to Charleston, SC??? You know, down here we have traditions like giving cercys and all good Southern girls practice the art of hand writing Thank Yous, Thinking of Yous, Tea invites, etc…I think it would be perfect for you (hint, hint, hint). Still love you!

  12. theaxx says:

    If I didn’t live in australia I would be there in a second!!!



  13. She is so cute! lol! And I agree, it would be a dream to work for Paper Source and be surrounded by all the pretty papered goods =)