FORCE OF NATURE. This is an expression that has come up a lot in the hallways and zoom rooms of Paper Source recently. As our thoughts are filled with the coming of spring and the women who helped us grow, we keep coming back to it… that relentless, optimistic, powerful, life-giving force that breaks through the snow and pushes up through the cracks in the sidewalk.

With the arrival of Women’s History Month, we think of all the women who paved the way for us today. Their courage and determination much like those first green shoots of spring that seem like an impossibility given the lingering harsh elements of winter. It fills us with gratitude and reminds us of the power that lies within us. This is a moment and a feeling that we want to share with you.

Join us as we honor the women who lead the way, celebrate the women in our lives who support us and acknowledge our own strength and potential as women.

One way we are doing that is through handcrafted thank you notes and paper art. It’s easier than you think! Want to know our secret? We let beautiful paper and flower punches do most of the work for us.

Check out these how-tos and share your projects with #papersource.

Silhouette Portrait How-To

  1. Take or use a profile photo for the silhouette.  Print out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ copy paper.
  2. Cut out the photo, trying to be as precise as possible to maintain the integrity of the profile.
  3. Trace the photo onto the paper color of your choice and cut it out.
  4. Write a quote or expression onto the silhouette in pencil.
  5. Go over the pencil with marker, paint or emboss it with embossing tools.
  6. Go back and gently erase any visible pencil lines.
  7. Cut the decorative paper of your choice to and mount it to 8” x 10” white card stock.
  8. Add floral embellishments: Punch floral shapes with paper punches.  Layer them, shape the petals and add them to the silhouette art.  You can also hand cut different shaped flowers and leaves.   For added dimension, use foam squares to mount them.

Photo Memory Box How-To

click the image for the how-to

Floral Thank You Card How-To

click the image for the how-to