Creative gift card wrappingI love gifting.

I enjoy the challenge of finding something that fits the recipient’s interests, something they would not expect you to know.

I revel in the surprise of giving something so perfectly them.

With this also comes an aversion to gift cards. But two of the most creative people I know are tying the knot [today] and The Mister and I wanted to give gifts they could personalize, forcing me to compromise on my stringent gifting rule.

With a little help from my stockpile of Paper Source goods (yes, I had all of this), I infused our usual thoughtful nature into the presentation, whipping up a gift which celebrates the couple’s worldly interests. If you’re going to give a gift card, at least consider some creative packaging!

Decorating Envelopes

2 Responses

  1. stephanie says:

    great packaging idea! What did you do to the gift card? Could not quite tell from the photo. Thanks.

  2. @Stephanie

    You’re right! It is hard to tell where the “gifts” go. I apologize.

    In the first photo there are three notes (folded in thirds). The one labeled “One” is our note to the couple. The other two have gift cards (labeled “Two” and “Three” — one for a custom cookbook, another for custom glassware.