Light up your Independence Day party with these fun, safe, and patriotic firecrackers! This craft is perfect for those looking to decorate with some red, white and blue colors. Craft during the day, and light them up at night for your Fourth of July celebrations!

fourth of july firecracker


What You’ll Need:



  • Cut a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper in half, creating two 8.5″ x 5.5″ sheets
  • Lay the vellum paper in a box or over newspaper. Place a sheet of paper over the top half of the vellum and apply Spray Adhesive to the bottom half of the vellum.

diy firecracker

  • Sprinkle Silver Gilding Flakes over the adhesive bottom half of the vellum. Then firmly press down on the paper to create a silver foil effect. Gently brush of the excess flakes with a paper towel.

silver foil

  • Place a strip of washi tape along the top edge of the foil half. Flip vellum paper over.

washi tape

  • Cut fringe along two 8.5″ x 3″ pieces of Red Sparkle Tissue. Use double sided tape to adhere two layers of the fringe to the bottom inside edge of the vellum.


  • Roll vellum into a tube shape and secure with Super Tape

firecracker with straw

  • Place a strip of Super Tape on the inside of the tube. Secure a straw along the Super Tape.
  • To make the top of the rocket, cut a semi-circle shape out of Text Paper in Royal. Cut one side a little longer to make a tab for taping the semi-circle into a cone.  Decorate the rocket top with star stickers, washi tape, stamps, or pens.

top of firecracker

star decorations

  • Roll the semi-circle into a cone, taping the tab to the inside of the cone with Super Tape.
  • Cut a strip of paper 1″ thick, roll and tape it into a of firecracker
  • Secure the ring into the inside of the top using tape as shown. Place four strips of tape to the inside of the one inch ring. Make the tape extend past the paper ring so it can be used to attach the top of the rocket to the vellum tube.


If adding lights:

  • Attach a LED Twinkle Light pack to a dowel or skewer with packaging tape. Be sure to leave the switch of the lights exposed.
  •  Wrap the wire around the battery pack and flip the switch on.

twinkle lights

  • Slide the skewer into the top of the rocket and through the straw at the bottom.
  • Add the rocket top!



Rebecca is our in-house crafting expert who has been dreaming up fun crafts at Paper Source for the past 5 years! As Director of Workshops, she is constantly reimagining DIY elements into new ideas and classes just for you. Check out our latest workshops for more DIY opportunities!