Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is only one month away, and let’s face it, dad can sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to sentimental gifts! Of course we know why… he would probably rather be watching a ball game (of some sort) or out fishing on any given weekend, but deep down he loves being remembered, especially with a gift from the heart!

What better way to say thanks to the Big Guy than to create a one-of-a-kind gift at our Father’s Day Workshop on Thursday, May 27. You’ll use our most unique “fish file folder” to create a clever and personal keepsake filled with photos, cards, and messages, reminding dad of those things he might not get to hear everyday!

Whether it’s for a husband, grandpa, your own dad, or a dad-to-be, we have all the ingredients to turn this unusual pocketed accordion into an embellished treat – complete with rubber stamping, glassine envelopes, stickers and a tiny makeshift fishing pole to remind him that you “hooked the best dad!”

Accordion craft project

Father's Day crafts

This project is perfect to start at the workshop and bring home for the kids – giving everyone a chance to fill a pocket or two with personal ephemera! Say “I love you DAD”, with this fun project! Seats are limited for this terrifically priced $20 one hour class, from 6:30–7:30pm. Register now! And don’t forget to bring along photos and other objects the day of the class.


PS colors: chartreuse & pool
Latest fave: Circle Stickers and Presentation Envelopes


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  1. Pammie says:

    …of course he wants to be remembered! Thank you for sharing this ever so amazing project! Here’s to dads, fishing, smiles, and love…. Happy Father’s Day!!!