We’re always looking for new ways to make the tradition of decorating Easter eggs new, exciting and not to mention, cute! This year is no different, so we’ve rounded up 6 ways to elevate your egg decorating this Easter with a crafty twist!

Gilding Flakes

Use gilding flakes to foil your eggs for a luxe effect.

What You’ll Need


  1. Dye your eggs (optional) to add some depth below the gilding flakes
  2. Once dry, coat the eggs with PVA glue
  3. Gently pat thin layers of gilding flakes onto the wet glue with your hand
  4. Allow to dry, then gently brush off excess flakes with a paper towel

Easy Kits

Simplify the process with the Unicorn Egg Decorating Kit.

What You’ll Need

  • Unicorn Egg Decorating Kit
  • Steps
    Simply follow the steps provided with the kit!

    Hand Drawn

    Add a personal touch using the Watercolor Resist Pen.

    What You’ll Need


    1. Doodle or write on un-dyed eggs with the Watercolor Resist Pen and allow to dry
    2. Dye the eggs with food coloring and allow to dry
    3. Gently peel off the resist to expose the pattern underneath

    Glitter & Glue Pen

    Make it sparkle with colorful glitter and the Quickie Glue Pen.

    What You’ll Need


    1. Optional: Dye eggs with food coloring and allow to dry
    2. Doodle or write on the eggs with the Quickie Glue Pen
    3. Sprinkle glitter on the glue and tap off the excess.  (TIP: the glue goes on blue and turns clear as it starts to dry.  Be sure to add the glitter before it turns clear)

    Washi Tape & Flowers

    Cover your eggs in wash tape and add floral die cuts for flair.

    What You’ll Need


    1. Optional: Dye eggs with food coloring and allow to dry
    2. Adhere strips of washi tape to the eggs.  You can add long strips or short patches and have fun layering them however you like!
    3. Add flowers by sticking a Zot on the egg and then center one of the flowers over the Zot.  If the flower has a hole in the middle you can cover the exposed center of the Zot with glitter.

    Egg Spinner

    Give your eggs a quick makeover with the Eggmazing Decorator.

    What You’ll Need

    Simply follow the directions provided with the spinner!

    Bonus! Egg holders

    What You’ll Need


    1. Cut 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ strips from the Carousel paper pad
    2. Tape the strips into ring shapes
    3. Add some interest and cut fringe strips of green crepe paper and tuck them into the paper rings for a little grassy trim!

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2 Responses

  1. Olivia D. says:

    Oh my daughter is going to love this!

  2. Truly at Paper Source B'ham says:

    Great family activity!

    Love the egg decorating ideas Rebecca! Moms will appreciate the easy Egg Spinner! It is NO MESS Easter decorating. You only use colorful markers and the spinner. They look great too! Really the gilding flakes are not messy either and look gorgeous. This a such a fun family time.