DIY Moments: Vol. 16 No. 2

Our kits are perfect for an afternoon craft with the kiddos, but what can you do with them after that? Why not repurpose your favorite kit into a cute mobile for nursery décor or your little one’s bedroom? Learn how below!

hand made carousel mobile

What You’ll Need


Step 1

bookboard wreath form painted purple

Paint a bookboard wreath form with Hydrangea Purple Craft Paint. Let the form dry completely before continuing.

Step 2

unicorn kit assembled

Follow instructions provided with the Unicorn Garland Craft Kit to make 4 unicorns. Decorate as desired using glitter, stickles, gel pens, etc.

Step 3

unicorn kit assembled in reverse

Make the reverse side to each unicorn. If you bought 2 kits, you can match the front and back colors of the unicorns; if you only bought one kit, you will need to use different colored bodies as the reverse side of the unicorns. If you choose to decorate this side of the unicorn, be sure the unicorns are facing opposite directions.

Step 4

Cut 4 straws to 5.5” long.

Step 5

straws taped to unicorn kit

Tape the middle of the straw to the blank side of the unicorn’s body. This is the “pole” for your carousel.

Step 6

Use foam squares to attach Side A and Side B of each unicorn.

Step 7

Cut a piece of gold shimmer twine to 38”. The directions are designed for a mobile that is about 16” tall with a 16” string to attach to the ceiling. You can adjust the length of the string to fit your preferences.

Step 8

string strung through straw on unicorn kit

Cut a small slit in the bottom of the straw. Thread one end of the twine through the top of the straw. Pull about an inch of string through the slit, loop around the straw, and double knot. Cut off the excess string. Repeat this step for each unicorn.

Step 9

Loop the string around the wreath and tie a knot so that the hooves of the unicorns hang about 10” below the form.

Step 10

unicorn carousel strung up and hung

Tie all four strings together. The length of each string from the wreath to where they all join should measure about 7”.

Step 11

hole punching out colored circles

taping colored circles to bookboard wreath form

Use the circle punch to cut 11 circles from superfine white cardstock and 11 circles from coral cardstock. Fold the circles in half. Place the coral circles on the outer edge of the painted wreath form, about 1” apart with super tacky tape. Stick the folded white circles behind the coral circles.

Step 12

coral fringe tape on unicorn carousel

Line the outer edge of the wreath with coral fringe tape.

Step 13

cut out pennants decorated

Optional: Cut flag shapes out of plum cardstock and coral cardstock. You can use the flag hole punch or freehand a design. You will need 2 of each color to form the front and the back of the flags. Position them above the knot where all 4 strings meet, attaching with foam squares. Embellish the flags with hearts and/or stars from the unicorn kit, attaching with foam squares.

Like the mobile but not the unicorns? Use our other kits to create a fun mobile for any kid!

race car mobile

Download and print this guide to take to your local Paper Source for easy shopping and crafting!