If you ever feel nostalgic for those sticker collections of early childhood, then let me introduce you to my new crafty best friend, the Xyron Create A Sticker. It brings back memories of carefree days and transforms all sorts of beautiful paper into stickers I can use for grown-up things like cards, files, books, and other craft projects. Recently, I found an even more practical use for my Xyron – making labels! This is not your mother’s old one-font label maker – you can print any font, shape, and color that you want, turn it into a sticker, and label to your heart’s content.

How to make stickers

I used my newfound labeling skills to spruce up the envelopes for a friend’s bridal shower invitations. The wrap-around address labels were the finishing touch that the invitations needed to make them look complete and professionally crafted. It was all courtesy of my Xyron, a little imagination, and other crafting essentials (awesome postage stamps never hurt either!).

Decorative address labels

Here’s how to create these lovely envelopes:
1. Using this editable address labels template PDF I created, fill in names and addresses. Print the labels on 8 1/2 x 11 text weight paper in superfine soft white.
2. For straight edges, cut out the individual labels with the Guillotine Trimmer.
3. Run each label through the Xyron Create A Sticker!
4. Fold each label where it will wrap around the envelope using a bone folder.
5. Separate the label from the Xyron paper and place on envelope.

Voila! Your labels are done! If you want to add a bit more pizzazz, use the handy dandy envelope liner template kit to trace and cut out liners. For my project, I used Paper Source wrapping paper, but any print wrap will do. Use double-sided tape to adhere the liner to the envelopes. You can also cut out one-inch circles with a hole punch and run them through the Xyron to create envelope seals. Put it all together and you get something simple and beautiful, just like those old sticker books.

–Mary Vasquez – PS customer
PS colors: paper bag & moss


9 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! And the template is adoable…just one question–how do you change the font? I cannot seem to find a place to do this!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love this idea and I love Paper Source!

  3. Judy H. says:

    Fabulous ideas! Now I wonder if my 13yo daughter will let me borrow her Xyron???

  4. stephanie says:

    great way to tie a project together.

  5. Tiffany heater says:

    This is a great post Mary! Congrats on getting published on the Paper Source Blog!! Your invitations are so cute!

  6. Maria says:

    After seeing this I went straight to the Paper Source and bought one. I am so in love with it!!!!!! It is such a great tool to have, and doesnt take up any space on my desk.

  7. Arleen says:

    Love the cute label idea above. I also make labels and use the Xyron machine. I have punched a large flower shape and then punched the name and address with a large round punch (run both through a Xyron machine) and put the round on top of the flower shape. It really makes a cute address label.

  8. Mary says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Jennifer, I’m afraid you can’t change the font on the PDF. You can create a new template in MS Word though and change both the font and the design.

  9. Meryl J says:

    Where can I get the invitation? It would be perfect for my wedding reception!